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February 26, 2008


It's sad when you can only do so much.

The pain is so clear in his poor little face.
If they could only speak.

Poor boy! Hope treatment will give him quick relief.
Briggs, you are in good care.

Get well soon, Briggs! I'm glad that you still have your appetite...yep, you and Snoopy sure love your suppertime!

Those eyes do look painful! Ouch! I hope he can soon get relief from the pain. It's good to know it doesn't keep him from eating, though.
Hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Briggs, it makes my eyes hurt just looking at yours. You are in good hands and I'm certain relief is on the way. Make sure to stake out an extra-cozy blanket, and hopefully the meds will do some magic for you!

What a sweet picture...please keep us posted on how he's doing!

Poor Briggs - it hurts just to look at his swollen eyes. I'm glad his condition hasn't affected his appetite!

Aw Briggs - you are really adorable, eyes and all. I hope you get better and better - soon. You are in great hands!

Such a cutie. Hope he's feeling better soon.

Those do look like painful eyes!
I hope Briggs is feeling some relief this morning.
Work your magic good Dr. Culver!

Poor Briggs!! Looking at his eyes made me squint!! 23 bowls of dog food.. geez and I only have to fill 5 dogs bowls and 2 outside kitty bowls....

OMG, those eyes do look terribly painful, don't they?

Do you think Briggs's eyes will have to be removed or his glaucoma can be kept under control with medication?

I wish sweet Briggs a speedy recovery either way.

Briggs is a little darling and he didn't arrive at RDR a minute to soon. You'll get him to feel better in no time.

Poor little Briggs...hope the pain meds work fast and well. What an adorable Beagle he is!

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