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February 24, 2008


Congrats to you both on your new bundle of joy!! Alayne- what a beautiful picture of you!! You look so happy to have a new critter to love!! ok Steve-- you are cute too!!

Welcome Briggs! This is the first day of the rest of your life! You already know more love then you have in the past!

It just amazes me that he looks so at peace after everything he has been through, including the flight. I love this photo. How blessed, another Widget friend.

ps yes I caught the Doxies, concern about the Beagles... they kill me !!

Good to see Alayne smiling after such a rough month at RDR. I watched the video of Briggs and it looks more like he does a spontaneous shuffle/dance rather than a traditional wobble. Look forward to reading about his antics. :)

Steve/Alayne - I completely agree - I cry with you when there is a loss and I rejoice with you with every new arrival. Rolling Dog Ranch is a very special place. Please know that many, many people support what you do and while there may be days where you wonder why you do it, I know from working with Brittany rescue that it only takes one resuce to make it all worth while! Your blog is wonderful and it is a must-read every day!

WONDERFUL WONDERFUL Some happy news for a change !!!! Welcome to your new home Mr. Briggs. You don't know it yet , (maybe you do)_you are are a very lucky dog. Be kind to Widget, she has "seniority" !!!! So, you delightful little bundle of energy, you just keep "baying" , letting everyone at the ranch know you are in attendance and it is a new day to live life at it fullest,after all, isn't that what Beagles are for? So glad to hear Trooper and Popeye are healing well. It is a good day, thank goodness Have a GOOOOOD week !!!!

I see happiness and comfort in this photo. I'm so glad Briggs has a smooth flight (although with his baying, he may not have thought so)!
Welcome home darling Briggs. You have excellent timing!

I'm so glad you finally have a happy event amidst all the pain and tears of the past few days. He's a lucky dog to have found you.

We have been checking "Briggs Blog"on the Atlanta Beagle Rescue sight since you introduced the little guy to us. We are so excited he has arrived home.

It's great to see the smile on Alayne's beautiful face. We know smiles have not been easily mustered the past few weeks.

From your friends in NC, enjoy your snowy new start in Montana Briggs. Show then what a that Southern spunk is all about!

Alayne is absolutely beautiful holding precious Briggs!So glad you have a new baby to love as mourn for the loss of Pepper. How about that beagle winning the big dog show!It's a great for beagles!!

Congratulations on your new arrival "Briggs". No doubt he will give Widget a run for her money.

Please keep us updated with this lovely new boy.

A big warm welcome to bossy Briggs!:-)

I'm very happy to read the good news about Popeye and Trooper. Please give them all a huge hug for me, will you?

Oh wow, he's a handsome devil. Wonder how Widget will handle the competition. He's a wonderful sign that life goes on.

I'm so glad to hear that Trooper and Popeye are doing well...the names of those two fit them so well!
And welcome, Briggs! i wish I could see Widget's reaction to this new little blind boy trying to usurp her place!

Briggs, I must say, you certainly look comfortable in Alayne's arms. You look completely relaxed & as if you've been there your entire life already! Thanks so much for taking him in. I know he will get lots of love & excellent care with you at the fantastic RDR & he's going to be making lots of new friends.
Big welcome hugs, Briggs,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Briggs you have found a good place.

The circle of life begins again at the Ranch. I'm so glad that Briggs has come to join you all. Maybe he'll give Widget a run for her money!

Welcome home, Briggs :- )

Steve / Alayne - Congratulations on the addition of another beautiful furkid to your family. And, thanks for taking in another one. The world is a better place for making sure Briggs and others like him have a good home. :-)

Morgan sure knows the best place for the special beagles she rescues! Briggs is a cutie and he will fit right in with the other beagles! Welcome, precious boy!

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