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February 12, 2008


Awww, she looks so proud of herself!

Just goes to show that a little determination goes a long way.

Daisy is such a sweetheart. She looks so proud of herself in the last picture.

So what does Widget think about a beagle winning Best in Show at Westminster for the first time? She always knew she was the top dog and this just proves it!

Doxies Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such heartbreak with the news of losing your sweet old boy Dillon and then today the silly antics of those "pushy girls". I hope Dillon is smiling down from doggy heaven as he watches their mini-drama of "On and Off the Chairs - to be continued". God bless you Alayne and Steve for being so strong.

That's a great sequence of shots to get the full effect of the effort Daisy had to make to get into that chair. It's so cute in the last shot how she's looking right into the camera, as if she'd been there all along. It's nice to be all cozy.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

And she is so proud of herself.. look at her eyes.. the eyes say it all!!

Yayaya Daisy!

Way to go, Daisy! Never say die, up man and try!! You are really a cutie. You look so happy in that chair. It was worth the struggle. Thanks to Alayne for such great pictures. You two must carry a camera with you for all occassions. I never have one ready when I need it. Have a good day!

Steve, your captions made me laugh even more at Daisy's attempt to hop in the chair!
I love the last photo of her...darling!!

Good going, Daisy. She looks very satisfied, and comfortable. As does Widget in the background. But it does raise the question: Where do you and Alayne sit? On the floor? (Imagine a smiley face inserted here)

Never underestimate a doxie's determination!
Sorry I didn't send my condolences on your loss of truth, I couldn't gain my composure enough to think of anything to many losses in such a short space of time...I don't know how you prayers to you and Godspeed to dear Dillon.

What a sweet look she has after reaching her goal. It looks like a nice warm place for a nap. Is that "Lonesome Dove" I see in your video cabinet? Dern good choice for a western.
How is Trooper doing?

can I be one of the first to clap my hands for Daisy ((((clap))))) and say "Well done" :-)

and the Gold Medal goes to.....DAISY!

Go Daisy! Go!
Nice job of catching Daisy in action :- ) Can't help but smile at her success.

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