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February 27, 2008


All of those at Rolling Dog Ranch are certainly Angels here on earth. Disabled animals and children are certainly God's "children" and all of you are to be applauded for the unconditional love and care that you give them. Please keep up all the good work that you do.

Blessings to the donor who must have the kindest heart ever! Will send good thoughts to Briggs and the doctors and can't wait to hear you tell us about how he feels when the pain is gone. Give our boy Briggs some good lovin' from all of us!

Good luck Briggs!!!! And as always, Alayne and Steve, thank you for doing whatever these precious animals need to thrive.

First of all : Thank you so very much to the GENEROUS GENEROUS donor of funds for Brigg's surgery . You are an ANGELx1000 !!! You prove that there are other GOOD people in this world.(reading this blog , it is very apparent there are lots of realley nice folks out and about) Let us all get our good thoughts togather and send them Dr. Brenda's and Briggs way. Can't wait to hear of Briggs being painfree and happy. He is going to be a handfull of energy !!!! Watch out world here comes the mighty Briggs!!!!!!!!! Take care

Brigg's case reminds me of something I'd like to share, as a heads-up to all of us with animals. Several years ago I had a cat who, over several months, began to be somewhat less interested in life. She still ate well and did everything in her normal routine - just more slowly and with less enthusiasm. I thought she was just getting old (she was 10). Then, one day she began wimpering softly and pawing at one eye. To make a long story short, she had glaucoma - and the opthalmologist said it had probably been building for quite a while, giving her a growing and intense headache. We tried to save her eye for appearance but finally had to remove it. She then had one eye permanently closed - but SHE didn't know she looked strange to people. All she knew was freedom from pain, and she returned to her spunky little self, despite her age. She lived seven more years, happy and pain free. I guess the lesson is to keep an eye out for eye problems as the source of even subtle changes in behavior. Better to catch the condition early if you can. All the best to Briggs, and thank you again Steve and Alayne.

Prayers for Briggs for a safe journey through surgery; prayers for his medical team for a steady hand and clear thought-and, most of all, blessing to you and Alayne for your devotion and dedication to these most deserving of creatures.

Thanks so much for getting Briggs the medical help that he so badly needs! Also, thanks to the generous donors that have made this surgery possible for him! I hope everything goes great for him.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Dear Alayne & Steve, once again, a huge thank you for all you do for the animals at RDR! A special thank you, too, to the donor of the funds needed for Briggs' surgery and hospital stay: he/she must be a very special person indeed.

God bless you all.

You look at Briggs, how he bears all that so bravely...and all the animals at the Rolling Dog Ranch, and you wonder what right we humans have to complain about anything...

Ditto to Carolyn's comments--said purrfectly.

Every day we hear of horrible things happening in the world.

So I can't tell you how heartwarming it is to read about little Briggs and his eyes.

That someone rescued him. That the wonderful folks at Rolling Dog Ranch got him to the vet. That the doctor is going to alleviate his pain. And that a generous soul is going to cover the whole cost.

Briggs is just a little guy. But all this effort to make him whole just restores one's faith in the wonder of humanity.

Thank you all.

My best wishes and prayers are with Briggs for a complete recovery from surgery. I hope he awakens pain free, healthy and has a wonderful life at RDR. I see a new pain free Beagle - could be baying more than before!

To all of you loving souls - the Beagle rescue group, RDR and the compassionate donor, a very humble Thank You for all you have done to give this dog a new life.

Jane, MacKenzie and Roux

Yay!!! I am so happy to hear that a donation has been made to cover Briggs I'm actually a little weepy. We loved having him here and his happy outlook and stoicism in the face of what must be excruciating pain makes me so, SO glad we were able to save him. He's a special dog indeed. Bless you guys!!!!

You and Alayne's enormous hearts and unwaivering dedication and compassion for these animals has a profound affect on all of us. When your heart breaks, our hearts break, as well. I cannot even begin to thank all those who give whatever they can so these animals can have a fighting chance. I think we would all concur that helping these animals, as well as our own animals, is so much more rewarding than accumulating "stuff". I recently found a book at work titled "When The Game Is Over It All Goes Back In The Box". When all is said and done, I need little more than piece of mind that I gave God's creatures 100 % of my heart and soul. And some of the time it hasn't been cheap. But it has been more than worth it. An animal's unconditional love is more valuable to me than anything I could ever buy. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

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