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February 25, 2008


Blind of eye, deaf of ear, with beagles, you might think they can see and hear with their noses alone.

Those are too cute doggies! Great photos, just like a series. Nice place to take an afterlunch nap ;)

I love your post today. Steve, you can make me go from a river of tears to laughing out loud. Have you considered writing a novel b/c I'd buy it and love to read it?! Thank you for always brightening my days with your amazing animal stories. You and Alayne are truly angels.

Servants are always so gossipy like that! ;-)

The beagles are too cute!! However, being a doxie owner, I am kinda sorta partial to them. You can never have too many daschunds!!

You & Alayne do a fantastic job!!
Thank you for all you do for these animals.

What a fun post after so much heart break lately. I love to think of them whispering in their Doxie voices.....Thanks for making me smile today!

I love the progression of the cute! I've noticed recently that a doxie is in a beagle picture; I don't think the doxie's need to worry too much. teee-heee

These photos are SO sweet! I didn't even SEE Daisy until you pointed her out - so, so cute :-)

How many "under 2 feet tall" dogs do you have now, Steve?

Beyond cute! This put a smile on my face and in my heart. I can read the RDR blog and feel in total despair (Pepper/Uncle Dillion/Wobbles,etc.) and then tonight feel such joy with Beagle Bookends!

You arouse suspicion in the Dachshund-American community at your peril. Keep in mind that they are a particularly devious and seditious breed.

Thanks for such a nice, funny, lighthearted post!

Can't have too many fussy Beagles! Are these doxies the dryer room crew? I loved the story of the grumpy old dryer room gang.

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