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January 24, 2008


Whu-hoo!! Another vehicle to get people educated on the value and joy of blind horses (and other animals). Once people read this artcle, they will be visiting your website daily, just like all your other faithful friends.

Congratulations on this article! It will make soooooo many new people aware of the wonderful animals that you both have dedicated your lives to! It was the article in March '07 in 'PEOPLE' that originally brought me to the RDR. You couldn't buy this kind of publicity, especially after paying all the vets bills!! Hope everyone stays warm and healthy. :-)

What a wonderful story! Congratulations on "stealing the show" in Equus. It couldn't happen to two finer people.

It's nice to see you two and the sanctuary recognized for all the good work you do!

I read the article last night and I was thrilled to see it.

You're right - I could read it by clicking on the photo - great article and great picture - of all 3 of you!

Great...more coverage about the RDR and their mission!

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