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January 22, 2008


And did you let her keep going, or did you make her share? :)

Glad to hear Goldie is doing is so well!

Glad to hear about Goldie's recovery. After all that she is allowed as many toys as she can handle!

Well....did you let her keep going is the question! Goldie rules!

Goldie, you go girl!!! So happy to hear you and the other dogs are enjoying Christmas in January!!! Glad to hear that the results after the surgery are good and that you will be very much looking forward to more toys!!!

goldie!!! ur such a sweetie! hugs to all at RDR!

Oh, I just love that Goldie! She is such a character with those squeaky toys. I also just have to say...BRRRRR in regards to your blogs regarding your weather - yikes! You guys are the amazing in your dedication and keeping all those animals warm and healthy!

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