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January 21, 2008


BRRRRRRRRRR !!!! You must be so bundled up you can barely move! How cold does it get in the barns where the horses are stalled at night?

I think my eyes froze when I read this.

(we're "official weather spotters" for the NWS)

Oh, it's nice that you two have something to do with all your free time !! :) :)

Hope you're wearing lots of layers today !!

Bless your hearts! Hang in there.

Thank you for describing your climate and conditions. It helps me put my area's -11 in perspective. It also gives all your readers a hint of the huge climate challenges you face on RDR. All I can say is that you're a better man than I am, Gunga Steve.

It is amazing how fast the temperature drops as the sun sets. All I can say is brrrrr....
see you in spring.

Your work is a labor of love that is for fair weather friends at RDR!!

They say a picture paints a 1000 words but all I can think of from seeing the picture of the dogs sitting out on the front porch is....haha. I don't know why but it just brings a smile to my face. Although -30 does not :( I think the coldest I've ever encountered is maybe -10.

Wow! That's chilly! We were only at -7F overnight! Our crew seems to need booties once it gets to about 15F degrees if we want to do anything other than a quick potty break. It would take all day to bootie-up the Ranch dog population :)

Do you have to do anything special with the horses other than blankets at that temperature?

Ahhh.... that brings back memories of our winters in Maine!!! We'd hit
0* and think it was a heatwave!
Hope this cold snap ends soon!
Hope Uncle Dillion is doing o.k. he
has been on my mind lately.

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