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January 16, 2008


That is a gorgeous dog! God Bless you all

OMGosh that is funny.... Laugh out loud funny!

Wishing you all the absolute best. Thanks for being who you be and doing what you do.

Despite a box full of toys, and a yard with plenty of sticks, I often see Bailey chewing on the wood base (cheap) under the weight bench, and sometimes the corner of the kitchen cabinets (not cheap).

Re: Snowball, I have an 8 year old cat who has had stomatitis since she was a kitten, all her teeth are pulled and she is on steroid shots as needed and she is doing fine, have you tried steroids? Antibiotics didn't do it for her.

Nancy the cat lady

That pic is priceless, as you pointed out. Gave me a smile for the day!

Spinner's propped up position on the small pillow may be comfortable for laying on but sleeping on it? Hmmm.....

So, Smoke did have a (small) injury after all; I'm glad the vet put in extra effort to find the puncture; small problems can turn into big problems in no time.

Sorry to hear that Snowball is doing poorly; we send him healing thoughts and kitty kisses.

We just had to put one of my daughter's cats down after a long battle with stomatitis. I had never heard of it until then. Good luck to poor Snowball!

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