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January 31, 2008


cute pic!

What an adorable pic of Ellie May.

Congrats on the check from Firedog. Wish we could have gotten you first place though.

So, it is true: Blondes really do have more fun! Happy to hear the nice amount of CC money that is coming to the RDR. =O]

I know this is unrelated to the blog but I thought some people might like to read a prayer I wrote for a friend of mine whos job here in N.Z sometimes includes having to deal with those four legged friends of ours not fortunate enough to find a loving home...

Lord, please forgive what must be done and accept this lost soul into thy heart so that they may find the love they could not find on earth.

Just felt like sharing.

:) That is really fantatic! $3641! Wow! :) You well deserve it!

She looks adorable in that picture. Make sure you print and frame that one.

Ellie May is one cute minionette! She rocks wearing those cool shades!

Dear Steve & Alayne, what great news on lovely Ellie May! Doesn't she look adorable with those sunglasses on? As the song goes "my future's so bright, I have to wear shades"...:-)
Way to go, Ellie May!

Just stopped by. I'm a prevet Senior at the University of Georgia and I'm VERY much interested in animal rescue and rehabilitation, plus low-cost spay/neuter programs.

This article grabbed my attention because right now I am fostering a 14 year old blind and deaf Cocker Spaniel named Keller with the Gwinnett County Humane Society! I've had her since Thanksgiving. Everything you said to describe your girl is JUST like mine! A big, floppy teddy bear!

I think Ellie May has a future in the movies--love the picture.

Wow, wonderful way to start the new year with a fine contribution from Circuit City contest. I've never been a fan of CC but I might have to change my mind.

So glad to hear Ellie May is ok.
She looks great in the shades. Really cute picture and it's a good one of you too Steve. I voted in the Fire Dog contest too. It's wonderful that so many voted and got you lots of cash. It will be put to good use. Give Smokey & Charlie a hug.

Maybe I've just had a really long week, but doesn't Ellie May look like the drummer from ZZ Top?!

That sweet girl is the definition of "cool"!

Steve, I'm just SO happy that your have your own "little minionette", and that she is getting the good news from the doctors. It is such a pleasure to be able to hold a dog like that. Her total trust in you is well deserved! :)

Great picture of Steve with his arm-candy, Ellie May. :D
Good news on the Circuit City donation - - congratulations!

She is just too Cute in those glasses!Yall are just a pair!That's great about the money for the ranch!

I have alsway's loved Ellie May, since the first day I saw her. She is precious!

OMG She is a doll and so lucky to have found Rolling Ranch. I think you should have added Alyane and Oscar.

Awesome numbers on the Circuit Contest. I voted twice!! One from my work email and one from my personal one!!

Looking good Ellie May!! I'm glad Steve you finally have your own minionette! First of many I'm sure!

Ellie May's good new is great to hear (read)! She looks quite the Diva in this pic.
Congrats on the Circuit City Firedog contest money. I did invite lots of people to vote, but was hoping for the "Big one" for you.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

"I wear my dark sunglasses in the middle of the night and when I look in the mirror I'm such an awesome sight!" Thanks to Weird Al he's got you covered, Minionette.

Thank you Kim & Summitt! As we all know, every bit helps whether it is that grand 'ol moola or caring individuals and paw pals as you & Summitt (XOXOXO...). As for Ellie May with those shades, she can make even the dreariest day a sunny one--great pic Alayne!

Does anyone else think of the Corey Hart song "Sunglasses at Night" when they see this photo?? Miss Ellie May is definitely too cool for school :)

Congrats on the Circuit City donation, good job everyone!

That Ellie May has darn good taste in guys. So glad to hear that her guts are better.

Wow $3,641 from Firedog is amazing. This blog is the best!

Steve, oviously Ellie May is quite smitten with you!

Any word on Snowball?

awwwww... great pic! ellie may looks smashing! congrats on the circuit city contest too! i know the extra $$$ will really help. hugs and lots of love to all at RDR! :)

that picture is adorable. ellie may seems like such a sweetheart... :)

If you had buttons on your jacket,Steve, you would be bursting them! You are so fond and proud of your minionette, aren't you?
Glad to hear that you are getting a good amount from Circuit City.

Aww, sweet little Ellie May. What a doll, I wish my dogs were like that, too bad they never sit still ! Haha

Maybe there is something to Callie's attention. More then just grooming. Great picture.

Congrats on the Circuit City contest! I know the extra $$$ will go a long way! I voted and forwarded the info to my friends. And Ellie May is looking like a true "rock star"! Stay warm and thanks for the superb job you all do there in Montana! Hugs to you and Alayne and your assistants-Carolyn

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