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January 06, 2008


Welcome Stuart!! You are a far cry from FL but in a perfect place once you settle into your new home. It amazes me how Alayne always looks so radiant—it is so obvious she is doing what she loves.

So glad you were able to take in Stuart....a very handsome beagle! Welcome to the snowy ranch, Stuart! You will be looked after well by all, including Widget.

Looks just like our Bailey.

Welcome to Stuart. You will have fun in the snow. You are the best place on earth for guys like you. Just don't let Widget intimidate you. ALL beagles are darling.

Stuart is darling! His previous owners obviously had great love for him and responsibly found him a wonderful home with you. Thank you for taking him in; I'm sure he'll love the ranch and will have great fun with, especially, Widget and Willie.
Welcome to the Ranch Stuart!

Happy New Year everyone. What a beautiful dog!! Welcome to your new home Stuart!! You are in wonderful hands and Widget will most probably become your best friend and companion,though she can be a bit bossy ,but nice!!! We think Alayne's "babuska" is beautiful. That smile of hers is radiant, she reminds us of the ice skater , Miss Hammill. Take care and welcome again, Stuart.

Welcome to the great RDR, Stewart! You're such a handsome guy & I think you & Widget are going to be good friends. I know that you're going through quite the temperature adjustment, but once you get used to the snow, you'll probably love it! The great thing, you can play in the snow & then go inside to get warm! There's lots of great love & attention at the RDR, so you're very fortunate to be there.
Thanks also Steve, about the history of Campbell & the Delta/Skywest employee connection. That's really cool that someone there knows what the RDR is all about & the great work that you do!
Big welcome hugs to Stewart,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Welcome Stuart! You'll get used to the snow and there is enough warmth for your heart where you are now... (and for the Mrs. Babuska, the first thing I thought when I saw the picture was Little Blue Ridinghood...:-))

A very warm (so to speak:-)) welcome to darling Stuart!!
I'm so glad you got to meet Campbell's "human brother" at the Missoula airport and heard she's doing great.
Last but not least:-), I think that Alayne looks a lot like Audrey Hepburn with her scarf wrapped around her head!

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