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January 23, 2008


What a shock of concern BUT with immediate attention and wonderful care; Nikki sounds like she's almost like her normal self again. I'm so happy for that!

First of all, it's hard to believe that's a Mother/Daughter combo ! Much more like Sisters !

Nikki is stunning and so lucky to have such incredible caretakers !

I love learning so much about animal behavior and medical mysteries being solved every day, it seems !!

Glad that Nikki is getting better! What a scare!! This was a wonderful post, thank you for sharing.

You're such a good daddy! Loved how upset you were. Loved even more hearing that Nikki is improving. Can anything be put on the ground to help prevent slipping and sliding? Keep up the great work!

Nikki...You scared the bajebbies (sp?) out of me!!! Hope you are feeling better and no more horse play with Cash who no doubt was in on the rough housing!!!

I'm so glad to hear Nikki's emergency has passed. Does that little beauty have Warmblood in her? Her feet look like Warmblood feet.

Can you hear my sigh of relief all the way from Italy?:-)
I look forward to more good news about Nikki. In the meantime, thank you for the great photos of Angela, Anne and Nikki against such a glorious backdrop!

Wow. Good for you guys. The blind horses story is amazing. Your whole thing is amazing. I will link the blog because I think you guys need to have more visitors than you got today.

thank goodness nikki seems to be doing better. im sure she gave you quite a scare! and that goldie is certainly a little stuffie monster, isn't she??!

Thank goodness you are so on top of each and every family member at RDR. Thank you too for sharing all the details with those of us who really care. Montana is beautiful in the winter.

What a beautiful girl,second only to Lena!! I really hope the people that wanted to 'donate' her can see what they are missing. One day I can only hope to have a horse again like her! Stay warm, originally from Minnesota so I know what your kind of cold is like. :O)

Wow, what a scare for this beauty. Fortunately, you guys were right there for her, as always. So relieved to hear that she is responding well, keep us posted. AND thanks for the glorious photos. I am so jealous of your snow!!

RDR Rocks!

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