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January 28, 2008


Good for you Callie. Do the horses stay in such weather. There beautiful pictures but doesn't make you want to run outside--stay by the fire--all of you!

Heavens! I went to UofM and I don't miss the snow, especially when it's like that!


I'm wondering...when will we know the results of the Firedog contest? Keeping our fingers crossed for RDR!

I imagine the winter tries your dedication to the animals - how hard it must be to go out in that weather!

That Ellie May is so sweet, she so looks like a stuffed toy.


Good girl, Callie! An equal-opportunity groomer. How thoughtful to lick those hard-to-reach places.

So, Steve, how's Trooper? I don't recall any updates since his first post and I'm dying to know how he's doing... please!

Callie's got a good business idea; if clients can't come to you due to the snow...go to them. : )
I imagine it was difficult to get the dogs interested in going outside to potty this morning!

Montana winters have got to be better than Arizona summers! I'll take the snow any time! As for Callie's Grooming Salon, I'm sure her clients appreciate a loving touch, no matter who it comes from : )

Sure you don't want to return to us here in rainy Washington?? With the entire gang ofcourse! But then, we got some snow this week too.

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Loook at ALL that snow. We have a measely 2 inches in our yard. With rain forcasted for later in the week. What a sweet girl, Callie. Our little Beanie , likes to groom his house mate Holly,(both are mini- long haired Doxies)Stay warm and inside , if possible!!!!!!!!! How does one make an igloo?

Montana winters.....gotta love to hate them.

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