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December 19, 2007


How about the name Taffy for the new kitty?

I love the idea of Drumlummon. Lovebug sounds pretty swell, too. Cheers to you and all of your fur heads! Amazing work you're doing. All the best. ;)

They are precious! How about Dodger- like the "Artful Dodger", from Oliver Twist! So glad they are home for Christmas!

Dachshunds Toby, Annie and Lucy thoroughly approve of the adoption of Oliver and Twist. As far as they are concerned, you can't have too many doxies!

Merry Christmas to the Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary!

Per the appaloosa with the yuck on his penis, my sister's pinto/arab had a similar problem. Eventually it was found that he had cancer. He had surgery at UW and part of his penis was amputated. Yuck again. Luckily it gave him another year or so with my sis. Perhaps it is a light colored horse thing.
How about naming the new one eyed cat Wink.

Oh, what a wonderful Christmas threesome! I most definitely agree that Dickens would be a great theme name, but I also like Carol for the beautiful carols of the season.
Merry Christmas to all!

I also like Herbie the Lovebug! I also like Kringle, as in Kris Kringle. What a beauty he is, along with the doxies! They will be so happy at RDR!! Merry Christmas to all the furry critters at RDR...(and Alayne too! tee-hee)

Minions unite!

Oh my God they are all so beautiful I think noel for the kitty Thank you both for all you do for the animals

Yeah - I like Harley because of his big purr-engine! That's a keeper.

You have endless love, as would i.
thank you

Ohhhh, more dachsies!! And a wire-haired one at that! Darn those backyard breeders. But thankfully Oliver and Twist have found their way to such a wonderful place!

Hmmmm...I do like Herbie. Welcome all new RDR residents--welcome to a wonderful new life.

I agree with Heidi and the kitties. If he's a lovebug, his name should be Herbie. Welcome to the doxies. They are precious.
All three have found a "forever" home for Christmas.

They are all so cute! They will have a wonderful Christmas this year with you and the furry family. How about naming the kitty "Dickens" or "Charlie" (I like that better than the more formal, Charles), keeping the Oliver Twist theme with the new trio.

Bless your hearts Steve and Alayne!

When it comes to doxies, the more, the merrier! We will always support you and the Ranch.

A Very Merry Christmas to you and all the guests at the Ranch.

Jim and Diane

What a lucky trio to be coming to RDR just in time for Christmas! I have several suggestions for the cat that needs a name: Dickens, Rudolph, Blitzen, Donder, Carmel, Braveheart, & Maxwell.
Thanks so much for taking these sweet dogs & cat in. Their lives are going to be heaven on earth now!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Wecome home sweet angels. Your new home is the happiest place on earth with lots of new friends to play with.Since you have an Oliver and Twist how about Dickens for the new kitty. Blessings to one and all at RDR!

Shince she is a female call her lovie she looks so sweet


(although I like "Herbie" too. :)

How about "Twinkle" for the cats name? It reminds me of a little star...and that is exactly what the cat is after suffering so...a little star.

His purr-engine roars to life, eh? How about "Harley"? BTW, what a sweet face he's got - he's going to be plenty happy from now on!

there is no such thing as too many dachshunds - welcome Oliver & Twist!

as for the little lovebug, I concur with "herbie" - perfect!

Here's an idea for the cat with no name: This guy came from the Lewis & Clark shelter here in Helena .... and his fur is a beautiful golden color ... so why not a name that reflects some of the gold camp history of Helena? How about Cruse (Thomas Cruse, who filed some of the earliest claims, including the Drumlummon Mine, and became hugely successful). Or even Drumlummon? Giving him a name that is strong, and rich with history, seems like a good start for his future life.

I am so happy for all 3 of them. What a wonderful Christmas they will have, the first of many with you.

May the both of you have a wonderful Christmas and the best year ever in 2008.

And thank you again for all you do! I only wish I could do more.


What a cute trio! More dachsies? Good heavens. As for the handsome cat, I also like the name Herbie. I also thought of Tim, ala Tiny Tim, since it's Christmas.

Let's see, since you said, "Everyone at the clinic described him as just a sweet little lovebug. As soon as I put my hands on him this afternoon, his purr engine roared to life."

How about Lovebug or Diesel?

What a cute threesome. My first thought for the kitty's name was "Sugarplum" in honor of Christmas. But if that's too feminine it could just be plum. Whatever it is, he looks like a peach :<) And all these tykes are in good hands!

What a jam packed post! This three-some got a great Christmas wish...a loving home. Welcome to the ranch Oliver, Twist and Kitty!

Name suggestions:
Herbie (second vote)

Ditto the "Herbie" suggestion. And can I change my suggestion last week on the cat to "Holly" like another reader posted? It is very regal AND fitting with the holidays and all. I don't think that kitty looks like a "Jackie" after all. I think she looks like a "Holly". And Happy Holidays to all out at the happiest place on Earth, RDR!!!

What a lovely trio! I'm so glad they'll be able to spend the Holidays in the loving atmosphere of RDR... A big hug to Oliver, Twist and the-cat-who-needs-a-name (my vote goes to Herbie, btw)!
I'm also happy to hear that Allie's back home and feeling much better. Way to go, Allie!:-)

Big Red

For the cutie-pie kitty's name, how about "Ferari" in honor of his purr-engine.

Wow, more doxies! Did Alayne get doxie-itis again? They look so sweet!

You mentioned the new kitty is a love bug - how about naming him Cricket?

Welcome to the ranch, all! You will have a wonderful life here!

He's "just a sweet little "lovebug"? Well you just gotta call him "Herbie". :)

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