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November 28, 2007


Imperfection? As an old song goes "She's close enough to perfect for me" When it is time to adopt again, it will be a dog like Evelyn...or Travis!

What a nice story they wrote about Rolling Dog Ranch Sanctuary.
You guys are truly the best!!!!!

A well written article! I'm glad others are letting the world know about your incredible sanctuary.

Leslie Smith is an excellent writer and speaks of the ranch with first hand knowledge of your tender loving care. Evelyn looks beautiful....a real cover girl!

Oh Boy, I hope I can get through this message without tears(happy ones)I just read the piece that was in Dog Time about RDR! SEEING THE BEAUTY OF IMPERFECTION!! What a concept!!!!FANTASTIC!! This old ,cranky, good for nothing , (at times,)world is a MUCH BETTER place because of you and Alyne and people like you. We hope someday to meet you and your "babies" It will be an honor, we admire you and your work so much(though i must admit, we are kinda' partial to the Doxies) Take care

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