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November 25, 2007


Perhaps Emmy Lou was chasing Dusty to give him a kiss with those great big LIPS of hers! :-()

BIG SKY all the way!! Love the last picture of Emmy Lou--SMILE! :)

Emmy Lou...Queen of the Ranch! I love these photos. It is just a reminder that the animals at the ranch get the joy of a good ol' romp in the snow. Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Your words: "When she arrived she was understandably TERRIFIED. She wouldn't come out of her crate and was shaking like a leaf. She was so pathetic, she crawled around on her belly when she left the crate (not often.)" This is soooooooo NOT this Emmy Lou.
How absolutely AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL.

Look at you, Emmy Lou! Three pics of you & your beauty in motion for us to admire! I'm so glad you insisted Steve take those great photos of you & you do leap like a deer! How beautifully you leap! You should get extra hugs for that!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I adore Emmy Lou; even her persistance!
Such cute shots of her; I'm glad you captured the last one of her bounding, deer like, after Dusty.
You almost can't visualize it until you see her.
She's quite a special girl!

Wow, Emmy Lou looks happy - and what a beautiful shot of the grounds - story made me smile. :<)

Montana does deserve its nickname of "Big Sky Country", doesn't it?:-)

Thank you for your lovely pictures, Steve, and a big hug to your super-model, Emmy Lou!

It's so beautiful up there! I was thinking as I looked at the 3rd picture how most of the blind dogs seem fearless and then it hit me that maybe one reason is because your land is so open--no trees or shrubbery--so there is nothing to avoid except another dog, a occasional horse and a building or two. But it was the 2nd picture that startled me: it looks like there is a snake coming over Emmy Lou's back and down her front leg! Go ahead and you see it? Or maybe it's just me...
Thanks for all you do!

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