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November 19, 2007


Hi, Glad to see Smokey having so much fun in the snow. I knew they'd like it. I sure do miss the little scamps. It that Smokey with another black dog on the pictures that change at the top of your website? Sure looks like him. Keep up the great picture and commentary. I check your website everyday to see if Smokey & Charlie are on stage.
I wish I was there to play in the snow with them. Give them a hug.

The snow provides a nice soft landing! Wobble away boys! :)

Cool photo! It took me a second to figure out where everyone's limbs were :-)

What a delightful photo; love those eyes! How big is Smokey?

Way to go Smokey - you got some extra attention and I got to see your cute self. Hope all of you, two and four-legged, enjoy the snow! Happy Thanksgiving!

Smokey is soooo cute & looks very sweet. I'm sure he and Charlie are going to have tons of fun playing in the snow this winter...:-)

Different personalities, same maneuvers! You and Alayne give these animals what every dog, cat & horse (and even some people) deserves: a warm heart to love them and a soft place to fall!
Oh by the way, it was 88 degrees here in Tucson today (but I'd still rather be wherever the snow is!)

Smokey, you are a smart boy.....
Did you get a pat after all your efforts???

I bet you did.

Kinda smart don't you think? Curving in and drop at your feet. My dogs do the same thing but in a sraight path. Nothing wrong with a scratch on the head or behind the ears or well you get the jist.

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