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November 15, 2007


Sweet ~

My little girl is 9yrs old and also walking with increasing difficulty, especially when there is a cold spell. But I believe as long as they still have the sparkle in the eye and a happy attitude they are not ready to give up. They will tell us when it is time to go.
For a moment I thought it was a picture of beautiful Claude - Blanca is a beauty. What a special picture. Sunshine greetings from South Africa.

Great photo of two cuties! Looks like Dillon didn't skip a beat..if he has to share his space, it will be on his terms!!

great picture gives me hope for my 2 as they get older to be able to shuffle aroud like Dillon :)
my boy and girl is 8 for the boy and 9 for the girl :)

I think this must be a great dane thing. Our boy Payton will "share" Remy's bed with her whether she likes it or not. Here's an example:

Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night to hear Remy's little grumbles of protest. When I investigate, more often than not, I find that Payton has plopped himself down virtually on top of her and she's too polite to yell at him.

Good luck with Dillon. I've always maintained that these kids will tell us when it is time, and until then, I'm happy to let them stay happy.

What a sweet pair. Every day with an older dog is increasingly precious, especially to see that twinkle or wag of the tail, even if shaved. Dillon is clearly a treasue, and kind to share with Bianca- a growing beauty! She appears to be growing into her ears & paws. Wow. Hugs to Dillon, Biance and all at the RDR. Wishing you a more quiet week.

It's great to see the young giving some comfort to the old. Dillon is making the best of the bed sharing situation, especially since he can't just get up & walk away. It sounds to me that Dillon still enjoys his life very much, & that is wonderful. He's adapted to many changes & he's a fine fellow.
Special hugs to him,
ginger & the critters

Day by day for Dillon who is finding comfort with the young one. It's so difficult to watch the age process of these precious, precious creatures.

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