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November 20, 2007


Awesome picture,truly. I have a picture of Nevindi on my desk at work from our visit last June when she was just a little puppy! photo of Nevindi! (great blend of the name, Steve)
I must have missed your blog posting on her adoption. I'm going to check your archives right after this so I can read up on the happy event.

I'm so happy she's thriving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a cute pic of Nevada/Bindi enjoying the snow! It's great that she's loving something that she's probably going to have a lot of this winter.
Big warm hugs from Tx,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Go Bindi/Nevada/Nevindi--Have some fun in the snow for me -- it's 70 degrees here in Tennessee.
Happy Thanksgiving to RDR!!

Bless all of you this holiday season for your selfless devotion to all of these blessed creatures!

"Bindi in all of her winter glory": what a great image!
Way to go, Nevindi, have fun!:-)

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