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November 27, 2007


What a sweet little filly Jim and Lisa have! It brings me such great joy to see adoptions and extensions of love to (disabled) animals. We wish you many years of fun and success with your foal!

It's wonderful that Lisa & Jim have adopted the blind foal. When I read the article, I was amazed at the similar traits of the "grabbing the zipper" that Brynn did as well! I'm so glad that you've helped them with this decision! Bravo!
Congrats again on the fantastic award & being rewarded from the IFAW! That's such an honor & you are the FIRST in the US! What an excellent honor! You have both earned it!
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

It must be so rewarding to know that your work has touched even more lives than you yourselves have saved. I love the look on that little girl's face - "Nope, nothing wrong with me!"

I LOVE their attitude- "What can't she do..."! Inspiration for us all. You and Alayne must be incredibly proud of the contribution you've made as an enabler through

No pun intended- Seeing is believing.

We need more news about the doxies...especially that sweet chunky monkey, Callie. If they are outside in the snow, they have to be high centered.

You plant the seed, the tree will grow. Lisa and Jim are truly generous people who get it and are willing to try it. There must be something about zippers and foals...remember Cash, the zipper colt?

Please thank them from me for doing the right thing.

It's about time the GREAT news of your dedication, support and undying efforts was recognized. World wide we all owe a huge debt to Steve and Alayne. Congratulations.

Thank you for the story of the blind foal!Congratulations for your award! Once again you have made my day!

Thank you Lisa and Jim for giving this beautiful girl a chance at life!! You will not be sorry in the least!!

Three cheers for Lisa & Jim, who are truly angels! Their sweet little filly (hope they'll soon come up with the perfect name for her:-)) is going to have a great life at Black Horse Farm, that's for sure!

God bless them all!

Terrific on both accounts!

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