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October 15, 2007


What sweet babies! They are so full of life! I'm so sorry about what happened to their sibling...what is WRONG with people? Rest well, little one. Enjoy your life, Charlie and Smokey! Such beautiful boys!

They are so sweet! I'm glad they found a good home with you. They looked like baby giraffes when they were laying on the cot, especially Charlie! Thanks for all you do.

They are so sweet! I'm glad they found a good home with you. They looked like baby giraffes when they were laying on the cot, especially Charlie! Thanks for all you do.

I look forward to your newsletters and I'm so happy that there's a place for our special friends! It's so heartwarming to read the stories and know that there's a safe place out there for them! Yeah!!


I'm so glad you get to know and see where your babies have gone.

I'm very glad that those two have found a home. While at the shelter, they stayed in the recieving area where I was able to spend time with them (as the animal care techcian for that room).

Despite their disability and confinment in their kennel, it was hard to watch them have such a zest and not be able to play about like any other animal.

It brings joy to me to see them in that vid, actually on grass, in wide open spaces with nothing but their whole lives ahead of them.

Praise for Rolling Dog Ranch!

Why are they wobbly?

I was Smokey & Charlie's MaMa at the Humane Society. I worked with them all the time and took them to Xenia, OH for acupucture which did help them. They are both great dogs and don't know that they are any different. It was hard letting them go, but I was happy to see them in such a nice place. They are both really happy puppies. Smokey is a love-bug and likes to be held. Charlie is an adventurer and doesn't want to sit still long enough to get hugged much. If they get to rowdy, just stoop beside them, put your arm around them and say," Calm, Calm" and they will usually settle right down. You do great work. I'm glad we found you. Take good care of my "Babies". I know you will.

Welcome to the ranch, handsome puppies! You two are adorable! Enjoyed the video....they certainly are quite a happy pair!

They are absolutely adorable... :)

Welcome home, Charlie & Smokey!!
I wish I had your energy!! You are going to be surrounded by so much love and have lots and lots of wonderful playmates !!
Big hugs and kisses to you!!

That video cracked me up! What a couple of goofballs! Welcome to the Ranch Charlie and Smokey!

Oh what a wobble mania day it will be when these brothers meet the sisters, Noodle and Soba! :]

Welcome Smokey and Charlie!
You guys hit life's jackpot; being cared for by RDR.

They are darling and look quite happy. It will be fun seeing them grow up together.

Aren't these some sweet boys! And after watching their video, they are so happy, just like the girls. And they listen well also. When Steve called them back, they turned and headed for him.

These two tickled my heart and I thank you for becoming their guardians. One of these days/months/years, I am determined to make the trek out to you all to lend a helping hand and a loving heart. (Of course during visiting times!)

Hey, maybe they can double date with Soba and Noodle!

WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME, Charlie and Smokey!! You don't know it yet, BUT you could not be in a better place. You are both very handsome and will be even more so with a little bit more weight on those bones. May you have a long and happy life at RDR. Steve: please keep us posted on the progress of these two beauties.

I keep reading and watching everything you do. I wish I had a lot of money so I could send it to you. The wobbles are one of your specialties, the excitement they show is like what a million dogs would like to show, but can't. They have real joy in their step.....
Please keep doing what you do, when I get my money, and I will, you will get some, to fulfill your dreams, and our dreams, the dreams of all of us who love animals and see each one as a child of God. Thanks, Jo

Hurray for Smokey and Charlie! We're so glad they found their way to the Ranch. Sweet Pea, the East Coast CH dog, sends her best wishes for a long and happy life there.

The video just breaks my heart! Charlie looks just like Sweet Pea when he moves his head to look around. It's so sweet and sad all at once. Perhaps the wobbly boys will like playing with their new sisters Noodle and Soba!

Welcome Charlie & Smokey! You two are just adorable! I wish I could be there to give you hugs. You both have tons of energy & have arrived at the best place on the planet! The fantastic RDR is just so wonderful & you two are going to love it there.
Sending you big welcome hugs,
ginger & the critters

Such cute babies! Dogs are such good role models for us - they accept that life is what it is, and go about their business in contentment and joy when they are safely looked after.

- Katy :-)

What sweet little boys they are. Smokey looks like he's dancing.

I think this is why I love animals so much. Despite the results of cerebellar hypoplasia, they are still the happiest dogs on the planet.

I hope someone finds them a great home, and hopefully the two of them will go together.

My first thought on seeing them was "what a testament to the indomitability of the human spirit." But they're not human, but isn't it the same? The indomitability of spirit or life itself.

These hypoplasia guys tug at my heart strings. I'm so glad you took them!


Welcome Home Smokey and Charlie! They look like quite the pair--so cute. Love the video too! Viewing these two brothers was a great way to start my day. Thanks RDR!!!!!

Jesse, my dog with the same disorder, is a whippet/ lab mix. No matter how much I feed her I cant put weight on her because she never sits still! She is too busy wobbling around in circles. I wish I burned her energy every day!

They are the happiest dogs I've ever seen. They have no idea they have a handicap. We can learn so much from them.

They look so happy to have found a great Home!!!!

Skinny they are! But I agree that they look like a whippet mix. I have often wondered if dogs and cats with this problem ever experience nausea? I know that when my balance is off I get queasy..does this affect their appetite?
They are both beautiful and I am so happy that they now have a wonderful life ahead of them!

If you think there are vets out there whose answer to blind horses is euthanisia, there are dog-and-cat vets who must think the same.

So sorry to hear about their sibling's unnecessary demise, but these two sure have a plan! Nothing is going to keep them down. Welcome to RDR, Smokey and Charlie. You'll get to meet your sister, Allie, who walks just like you do.

The very definition of "bouncing baby boys" and cute to boot! Welcome home, Charlie & Smokey!
(One question though, do the Wobblers play & wrestle with the blind kids like Baron?)

A very warm welcome to Smokey and Charlie to a place where they're going to be safe and loved forever!!!

As to their little sibling who was adopted and euthanized, I'm sure he or she is in God's loving arms now, no longer wobbly...

They are just adorable and couldn't be in a better place. Even with the stumbling that goes on; they are just as curious as normal pups and seem to be very happy! Welcome to the family Smokey and Charlie!

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