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October 29, 2007


This is so precious! I was so tickled! My rottweiler, Chancey, stands in her food, and/or, her water dish to let us no when she is hungry or thirsty.

What a great photo! Her expression is priceless. Love these stories where the animals personalities shine through, and are so obvious.

Love that "look!"

My mare Fumosa, when she was stabled here in Piedmont, had that same look whenever I'd give her "cookies" (they were made in Germany and were very, very hard & shaped like little bricks; I believe only a horse's teeth could break them:-)) to horses in the nearby stalls. She seemed to be saying "how dare you give my own treats to those stupid animals?":-)

How cute is that!

What a great shot of Lena's expression and what she wants; even through the picture we can tell she means business!

To me, this is Lena exhibiting a grand sense of humor.

Looks like she has you well trained! LOL

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