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October 22, 2007


Talk about things that go bump in the night. The kittens will surely learn that phrase, if Smokey & Charlie are with them. I was one who stayed overnight with them before their flight to Montana and believe me, They definitely go bumping in the night. Love the kittens, they are so sweet.

Tibby and Fibby look just like my cat, Bob, who passed away few months ago.
I don't know how you guys do all these works around the ranch. So much to do. You two and others who volunteer at your ranch are heaven sent. I wish I lived closer to your ranch--I am in Florida. Please don't stop what you do. If only the rest of the world do what you do, our planet would be a much better place to live.
Thanks for what you have done to help all the animals.

It's great to see the growth progress in these two cutie kitties! They don't miss much, do they? Seems they're always in wide eyed amazement. They look so soft. Thanks for the update on this duo.
Hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Many thanks for the update. We'd been wondering how these kitties are doing.

Tibs & Fibs are SO cute! I can tell they love their toys; sitting on them, watching them dangle in suspended air, laying next to them. What a well deserved, happy life for these two!

Yes, they are growing and look so cute and sweet! Can't wait to meet these two!

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