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October 09, 2007


those two are a riot! i admit i couldnt even imagine how the dogs can deal with being blind and deaf (what a lonely world it would seem to be), but they certainly seem happy and I am so glad!
I just wanted to reiterate how impressed i am at the work you do and how grateful i am that you share all these stories on your blog! Thank you so much.

You captured some great rough housing, Steve. Nice referring by Bailey too. The clip went from being cute to being very funny. Guess doxie's add more laughs to the party.

That is wonderful! It seems that Spinner has finally found someone that understands how he wants to play! I love it!
Hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

So nice to see Spinner having fun. Most times he appears to be a loner, maybe Barron will be his new side kick. Of course noisey Bailey had to jump in. So cute!!!

Baron and Spinner are pals, for sure! And in this case, size doesn't matter. Having fun is most important...except for poor Bailey. He just wanted his moment in the spotlight...ok his 50 bajillionth moment in the spotlight...

They are having so much fun! I've sent a link to this video to a bunch of people - it's so sweet.

I'm so glad to see the shear joy on Spinner and Baron's faces. I wondered if you had put them together, or if they had bonded in any way. What a wonderful play session! And as for you, Mr. I'm the Center of Attention Bailey...he just couldn't stand it, could he? Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning with this video!

I just love watching the kids playing! Bailey is so funny...he just shoves himself right in the middle.

Amazing that they can play like this! Imagine having only touch as a link to the world, no eyes, no ears...and then having SUCH a good time, wonderful!

What an adorable trio! Thanks, Steve, for yet another great video. Your furkids certainly keep you (and us) entertained!:-)

These videos are making me laugh out loud!! Baron is quite the charcter and Bailey--oh my gosh--this is great medicine these blog stories/videos. THANKS!

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