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October 24, 2007


Kasha is such a beauty. Those eyes!! Glad she and Travis are hitting it off...he's such a gentleman!

Kasha is gorgeous! I could easily fall under her spell if she were under my care, so good for you for letter her know who's boss! (or Top dog!) That's got to be difficult with those "melt under my spell" eyes. She'd have my number in a heartbeat! Thanks for this great update on her with her pics. She's thriving & so glad that she's found a buddy in Travis! I'd love to see a pic of them together-that's a direct hint!
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

A beautiful GSD; I'm so glad to see she's doing well. Sounds like you've got an interesting two or so years ahead with her. That's about how long my GSDs have taken to understanding their position in the pack...

Kasha is such a growing, thriving beauty! Truly wonderful to see. We really admire your attention to the ever-critical pack dynamics. It's important for all of us to fit in, :)

I was waiting to see what happened to Kasha! She will do great now, I'm sure! Also, I fostered a female shepard once and she was the same - took over the house! She is now in a home with 3 other dogs she can boss. Lucikly they are submissive. Must be a trait in shepards, especially females. I wish her the best. Good for you for such good pack leader training...we forget you also have to do that daily along with taking physical care of the dogs! Bless you both!

Kasha has really grown up since I last saw her online! She's a pretty girl and you can see the confidence and spark in her eyes, which were lacking when you first introduced her on your site.

Travis...oh, how I love him! I'm so glad he and Kasha are pals.

I have to admit a distinct fondness for Travis; I'm glad he has found his "equal"!

I had a three-legged dog that was a rescue. He was the sweetest, little "monster" that I had the privilege of loving for 13 years Still miss him so much even after five years now.

We had a 3-legged cat who did great and lived a long life. Kasha is so lovely and I can see her being best buds with Travis. Hail alpa Steve and Alayne!

Ah she is lovely!! I will always have a soft spot for 3 legged animals after being lucky enough to share life with one for almost 3 years. I'm glad Travis has a new friend too - he is one handsome dog with those eyes and his various outfits :O)

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