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October 17, 2007


I wonder what she dreams....

I've seen danes with some pretty strange sleeping positions/routines (our current dane, Payton, likes to sleep with his nose tucked in his paw), but I've never quite seen the one in the top picture. Yikes!

Blanca is too cute! She always brightens my day with her antics! Of course if I slept like that I would need a chiropractor in a hurry! Hugs to you Miss Blanca!

Just love these pictures....really reminds me of my dane, Kai! It just goes back to the fact that danes truly don't realize their size!

I have a very old dog with neurological problems and he also will always sleep with his head hanging down or at a very odd angle. I think for him it has something to do with keeping his equilibrium - maybe the same for Miss Blanca?

I love these photos of Blanca doing weird things with her neck. My greythound Tobias, does this too! He hangs his head off the edge of the couch when he sleeps & his nose just barely misses the floor! I think it may produce more vivid dreams. Blanca is beautiful! Please give her a big hug from me.
ginger & the critters

I've had dogs that did this. I always half-expected them to develop necks that were three feet long. :)
Where can we read Bianca's biography, please? She's a beauty!

Definitely interesting (and funny)! I love the duckie wrapped around her nose. I'm sure Blanca will find more ways to stretch her neck and body out while mystifying the rest of us.

Well, I don't get it...looks very uncomfortable to me. But she chooses the positions so it must work for her. I do know that she looks like she is very happy, secure in her space and growing!

Both our Beagle and our Foxhound sleep like this all the time. Not as extreme as Blanca's head hanging over th chair but pretty close. They both like their heads off their beds at night or when napping and the Foxhound likes to sleep at the top of the stairs to our family room with her head over the first stair. Never have figured it out either.

Blanca is not aware of her size--what cute pictures!

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