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October 16, 2007


As Alayne said on television: "Robin showed the best of the human spirit." Miss Ellie May came to the right place. We look forward to the updates.

"Ellie May" is tuff old lady. She is so little and she does not look that old. How can a vet not medicate that eye or bring attention to immediate treatment. I have fallen in Love with Ellie May. Please keep us posted on what they can do to help her.

Ellie May, what a great name for a dignified, elderly gal. Keep us posted on her eye condition. That girl deserves a painfree life. Thanks to Steve and Alayne for caring so much. And a big Thanks to Robin!

God bless you for taking this old lady in. Looks like she will be rolling in clover during her golden years. Hope the eye situation is not as bad as you are thinking (wagging stubby tails surely means not too much pain, right?)

What a precious old girl!!! Hugs to Robin for not taking the vet's advice re: euthanization. (My old spaniel mix girl lived to be shy of 17 years old!!) She found the right spot for Ellie at the ranch where she will thoroughly enjoy her retirement, hopefully pain-free after Thursday's appointment.


One of the nicest dogs we ever had was old Sadie, adopted when she was about 14. She only had a year with us, but we made sure it was a very good year for her. She was such a gentle soul, blind, but with a fantastic nose.

I'm so glad that Robin knew better than take that crazy vet's advice! Kudos to her for contacting the RDR for Ellie May! Sounds like she quickly learned that she is loved & has been put in a great place. Her former companion must have been too ill to realize how bad her eyes were. I hope all goes well with her visit to Dr. Culver to get her out of pain. Thanks so much, Steve & Alayne for making sure Ellie May felt secure & at home from the start. You're the finest kind!
Big hugs,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Ellie May is so precious, and what a sweet name! A HUGE thank you to Steve, Alayne & Robin for caring and giving Ellie May a great retirement home.

Hope she will soon feel much better, without those painful, terrible-looking eyes!

That picture of Miss Ellie May's eye brought tears to mine! That just looks so painful! But now she is at RDR where she will have the best care possible and hopefully after Thursday, she will be free of pain. What a cutie!

Welcome, sweet Ellie May! No worries now. Only happy days ahead. Steve and Alayne - You guys are simply the best.

Beside smart, she's beautiful! I'm sure glad Ellie May has a wonderful home for the rest of her years.

It seems strange to say this, but Ellie May may have been "lucky" in being blind and deaf, because she found her way to you. As a longtime volunteer at animal shelters, I know that many cats and dogs come in when their owners die, and because the animals too are old, they often aren't adopted. To readers of this blog, I say: please, when adopting, give an older animal a chance. The years they have left to share with you may be few in number, but they need you, and they already know how to be loving companions. Not all of us can do what Steve and Alayne do, but many of us can help out a non-disabled, just elderly pet in need of a home.

Gosh, I am SO GLAD Robin didn't listen to sweet adorable Ellie May's vet, it seems like he/she didn't give a "fig" about Ellie May, he/she was mainly interested in the "moola"!! Sighh!! Glad Ellie May is with y'all, and I hope she can get her eyes taken cared of, they look SOO PAINFUL!!! She sure has adjusted well with her new loving home smiles! :) HORRAYYY!!!


A HUGH hug and SINCERE gratitude to Robin for bringing Ellie May to RDR!
I'm sure her owner would have wanted her to enjoy life and be cared for in the best way possible.
Who else would notice and take action on Ellie May's eyes like Steve?
Who else but Steve and Alayne would hold and comfort Ellie May with their sweet energy assuring her she was safe?
They are busy but never too busy to comfort, care and love the animals.
Let us know the results from Dr. Culver; we hope her eyes feel much more comfortable soon.

What a sweetie. And she is a smart little girl. Thanks for being such a good mom and dad to these wonderful animals.

What a sweet heart!!!

What a sweet old girl! Those eyes sure do look painful; I'm thrilled you guys picked up on it so quickly. I know she will recover from losing her person much faster with your love and care! Thank you for all that you do!

Thank you, Robin, for your incredible consideration for this old, deaf and blind, dog. Without your concern, she would be dead. (Perhaps that vet needs to go back to school for some remedial training in medicine and consideration.)

Welcome to RDR, Ellie May, and all the good times you'll still have years to enjoy. Thanks, Steve and Alayne, for taking her in.

What an amazing little lady! And an amazing BIG lady too, Robin M., in not taking that "advice", yuck.

Our grandma of 16 just had her teeth done yesterday, under very careful anaesthetic (in her vein and only when she needed some more) and she came through with flying colours! They told me to only give her a little food at the end of the day, but no way, she kept bugging me to Complain that she Had Missed a Course and would I please see to that??

So I hope that Ellie May does as well and probably is very relieved to be rid of those eyes, auch!

Oh Steve and Alayne, I have rescued many "Ellie May"s, infact one yesterday. When they come into care they break your heart, and you know that you have to be there for them.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou. From the bottom of my heart, that you took this girl. I look forward to hearing about her recovery from her painful eyes and seeing her become a firm member of the RDR.

That eye looks awful; poor, little thing. Please let us know what the vet says.

I love her! She's adorable. I have such a soft spot for the older ones! Good luck at the vet!

Wow! Thank you so much for giving this sweet old lady in, and giving her a chance to again be loved and happy, and hopefully soon, free from pain and discomfort. You guys rock!

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