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October 07, 2007


Thats lovely,I cant watch the video, I have dialup but loved the story about her.
Thank you

Sophie, a doxie, does this outside in order to stay out longer to look at squirrels. You can't be's too funny. Such sweet stubborn little dogs! Callie is going to winter well.

I've watched dozens of your videos since signing on to receive your newsletter (thanks to a friend's forwarding skills) and just want to agree, that you are amazing people with the love that you have and the work that you do. Thank You and GOD BLESS YOU ALL for your continued efforts.
I adore this video, I watched it over and over and laugh every time. I'm so glad that you tape as much as you do, and share them. I always enjoy the day the newsletter pops into my email, but during the other days of the month, I'm constantly going back and checking out other archived videos, stories, etc. It's brightened so many of my days. Thank You!!!

When my doxies do this they want belly kisses or rubs...after that they do what you say! Try it :) Really, really cute video.

We call this type of behavior "dachshund drama" - so funny that you caught her on video. Did she eventually get up and go out? Or did you have to pick her up? (I'm betting on the latter)

That is so sweet! What a honeypie that Callie is. And the little smile she has too! It's as if she's saying, I am ignoring you but please don't take offense!

I think I need a (rescue) dachshund.


I could see this over and over and never stop laughing! Thanks for the movie clip, that was the icing on the "no budge" cake.

This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Stubborn little thing!

absolutely hilarious, she is gorgeous

What a hilarious "dead" dachschund! The clip of Callie's tail was sooo funny!

I have two Dachsies, and one of them does this all the time! mj

First I want to say THANK YOU for all the Great work you all do.
I have 2 doxies who try to pull the same thing when they don't want to do something.

I have 2 doxies (but they are not blind) and they try the same thing when I want them to go out or get a bath.
I love reading all your blogs and say a BIG thank you for all your good work.

Thank you for such a cute video, Steve!

"Selective hearing" is quite common among our furkids, too...:-)

That is hysterical. I couldn't stop laughing.

Are you sure that's not a wind-up doll, er dog? How can one end move so fast and the other be soooo still!

THAT IS SO DARN FUNNY!!! Look's like a cuckoo clock!

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