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October 19, 2007


Such a beautiful little girl, inside and out it seems!

2 Questions: Who grooms those that need cuts, and how is little Travis, still doing well?

I can't wait to see Ellie May home and healed, running and rolling around with the other dog's. Her story has touched me see much! I love Ellie May!

Good luck!

Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers Miss Ellie May. Soon you'll running around and playing with all your new friends!

I hope her surgery goes well! It will be interesting to see how this affects her personality without that constant pain! Looking forward to hearing about it. Thank you so much for what you do for these animals.

Thinking of Ellie May and sending out positive thoughts through the cosmos. Give her an extra hug from all of us out here when you go get her.

After having a foster dogs painful eye removed (damaged due to trama) I actually saw a totally different dog. While they may not act like they are in pain, They are so much happier when the pain is gone, it is truly amazing. Cant wait to see the difference in Elle May!

A cat of ours once had glaucoma that was similarly painful, and she was blind in that eye. We winced at the idea of removing an eye -- there's something about that which bothers humans. But our vet said she'd never realize the eye was gone -- and would feel so much better. That's exactly what happened,and our kitty lived several more wonderful years. Hoping for the same outcome for this wonderful little dog.

My fingers are crossed!

Sweet Little Girl! Let us know how the surgery went. Im sure she'll feel so much better! Im happy she's at the ranch now!! : )

Good wishes and hopes for a speedy and successful recovery from your surgery today Little Miss Ellie May!!! We are all pulling for you to be free of pain and live a long happy rest of your life at RDR. Cannot wait until Steve gives us all the GOOD NEWS that you have come through surgery with flying colors. Until.....Take care and try not to worry Alayne and Steve


Thank you so much for taking such care of the animals and can't wait to hear how Ellie May's surgery goes. She will be in my thoughts.

I am sure after the pain is gone she will be like a new dog. Can't wait to hear all about her.

Have a good day and thanks again to you both.

God love her I wish her the best she's adorable

Good luck sweet little Ellie May, I'll be sending you lots of good vibes. You're going to feel much better real soon.

Best wishes and healing vibes for beautiful Ellie May coming from Georgia!

Excellent news for Ellie May, on all fronts. Thanks again to Robin for getting a second opinion on the options for this sweet dog's life by taking her to RDR. Plus she gets an extra four years to spend with Steve, Alayne, and all the other creatures!

We are all saying a little prayer for this little girl to get through her surgery. Hang in there.

We'll do better then keeping our fingers crossed--we will be saying a prayer for the sweet pea!

I'm so thrilled she is under RDR care and getting what she needs.

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