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October 19, 2007


I've just come back from a short holiday in Berlin and I'm so happy to read that Ellie May's surgery went well! Please give her a biiig hug for me.

Hurray for Ellie May. So glad she came through her surgery ok. She will have a good time now at the ranch.

That is wonderful news! I'm so happy that Ellie May's eyes were taken care of (removed), she probably felt better immediately!
Hope she comes home soon so she can enjoy happy dog days at the ranch.

Great news that Ellie May has come through the surgery! Hugs to all of you for giving this young senior a new lease on life...painfree!

Ellie May is such a sweetheart. So glad she came through the surgery well. Give her a big kissie for me when she gets home!

Ellie May is quite the strong lady! Hip Hip Hooray for our girl!

i am so glad to hear about ellie may! today has been emotionally challenging for me pet-wise, so it is great to hear some good news. i have been volunteering at a local vet and have grown very attached to some of the dogs there, whom i run with almost every was adoption day, and one of my best buddies went but didnt get adopted and is off to another shelter. i physically cannot adopt him myself at the moment, but to not be able to see him anymore is heartbreaking.

Excellent news! Thanks so much for letting us know! Give her a big hug from us.
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Thank goodness! Now Ellie May can begin her new life at RDR pain-free and in good health. You guys are the best!

I read this blog everyday to give me a "pickup". What you do is wonderful... and so selfless. Dogs like Ellie May are so lucky to be at RDR. Keep doing what you're doing...

Aww, little Ellie May will be good as new in no time and be pain free, how wonderful! I had a cat named Timothy who had a tumor in one eye, and after it was removed the eyelids were sewn together. He looked like he was winking, and did just great. I wonder if that's done for dogs, too? Good work, Steve and Alayne, another great success and another animal given a good quality of life!
Mary in Seattle

Thanks for the update! I kept checking the blog all day! She is going to be a brand new girl with no pain! YAY Ellie May! : )

what a relief she came through just fine! now im sure she'll feel better without the pain in her eyes. hugs to all at RDR!

WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!! See what a little faith and a darn good veterinarian can accomplish. Once again,may that precious little dog have many, many years to be happy and healthy!! What a wonderful day! Take care Bye

Hi Alayne and Steve!

I'm so glad to hear that Ellie May got through surgery! I'm looking forward to reading about her and her new life at the Ranch!

Excellent news. Now that throbbing headache will finally go away. Can you imagine how much fun she'll have now?

I'm so happy to hear that Ellie May is doing so well! She deserves to enjoy the rest of her life pain-free.

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