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September 20, 2007



I found your site while searching for more answers and survivors of Hemangiosarcoma. My little boy was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma at the age of 11-1/2 years old and to make it short, we had no choice but to put him to sleep. The vet said there is no way out of it and it's like a death sentence. By doing chemotherapy is just a way of prolonging the agony and pain, especially with Other-One's (dog's name) case where the cancer had spread through his lungs and possibly to other organs (saw it on x-rays). Plus due to his condition(he was bleeding internally already and was too late to have recognize the problem), he might not survive at the operating table and end up with heart problem, etc. It was the hardest and the saddest moment of my life, that up to now I can't get over it. I was not at all prepared that night, thinking I will still see him the next day alive.

I fostered Other-One since a puppy and adopted him and his brother together and spent 24/7 with him since he was a puppy. I still miss him so much and is now concerned with his brother and trying to find a way to be prepared and see what I can do if in case it happens to his brother. So I'm just curious of how Shiloh's condition and hoping he made it through the chemo and be a lucky survivor. Please let me know. Many thanks

Dear Shiloh,

I hope yo find the time you need to live life to the fullest - and to give your mommy and daddy lots of wonderful memories - good memories of the life and love you have shared.

Be strong baby - there are many fur angels watching over you and where there are angels there are miracles - the gift of time is one of them


From what I understand from various sources, chemo is not nearly as hard on canines as it is on humans. I pray this is the case for your beloved doggie, and wish him many good months.

He is being such a good patient in the photos - give that boy a big smoosh from a stranger, and hugs to you humans, too.

- Katy :-)

I am so sorry Shiloh is going through this tough time, so sorry for both of you. But you both must be so proud to have a dog that is not only a fighter, but welcomed multitudes of animals through your household for many years. He was part of your beginning Rolling Dog Ranch. I wish the best for him and will be waiting patiently to hear updates daily on his recovery. God Bless.

Sending bigs hugs to Shiloh and best wishes that he will beat the odds of this nasty disease.

My thoughts are with sweet Shiloh. He is beautiful and I hope he is doing ok.

We will be praying for Shiloh to respond to his Chemo in a mighty way & have many more good years helping you at Rolling Dog Ranch! Hang in there Shiloh!

I will be thinking only good things for Shiloh!!! The work you all do is tremendous!!!! I continue to look forward to your blogs!!! Please give Shiloh and all the animals an extra hug from us down here in Florida!!!

Hi Steve & Alayne, just wanting
to tell ya'll that your'e in our
prayers as well as Shiloh. Here
is hoping that the chemo will allow you more time with him, and
that you all can have some peace
for awhile. Ya'll need it for

What a sweet patient Shiloh is. We wish him many good, happy and healthy days ahead.
The information you provided was very helpful and gives your supporters and readers an idea of what he will be needing and experiencing.

My thoughts and prayers are with Shiloh.

Reading about his story brought back memories about my 15 year old cat which suffered a similar blood-borne cancer.

Be strong, Shiloh, don't lose your drive for life. You're in good hands....

God Bless.

Shiloh, you're special and a survivor. We wish you happy time and comfort. You're in the best of hands.

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about Shiloh...What a good boy he is. I hope you have many more happy times with him - hang in there, buddy!
It seems like once dogs get older, they could have been perfectly healthy their entire lives, and then it's one thing after another. It is hard. Thank goodness they remain their happy, loving selves through it all!
Best of luck to you.

Oh my gracious, you & Alayne have certainly had an emotional summer and now this! One of your original dogs that's been with you for eight wonderful years to have this horrible diagnosis! The positive thing is that you've discovered it, so he can have a longer & better time than he would have otherwise. He's very fortunate that you're so observant & love him so much to get him the absolute best care. I'm so glad the chemo has him feeling better & enjoying life. None of us ever know what breath will be our last.
Please give him big hugs for me,
ginger & the critters
P.S. Big hugs to you & Alayne too.

Oh, man... that's what my dear Jesse had exactly a year ago. He was also just eight years old. What a nasty, dreadful disease. All the best to Shiloh and to you guys. Hoping he has several more months of the good life with you.

I'm so sorry to hear about sweet Shiloh's cancer. Quality of life can be so difficult to judge, sometimes. Best of luck on the regimen and I wish you a speedy improvement, Shiloh.

I'm so sorry to hear that Shiloh has cancer. I hope that the chemo is not too hard for him (and you and Alayne). On a different subject, I wanted to share an idea with you for dog beds for your incontinent kids. I have an older girl with severe arthritis and when I'm at work, she can't always get up to use her pee pad. I have thrown away I don't know how many dog beds. I went to Babies R Us and bought port-a-crib mattresses. They have good support, and they are pee-proof! At $14 plus $6 for a sheet, it's even economical. Hugs to you all!

So sorry about Shiloh...hopefully he will feel better and live happily for many many months!

Please know that we are all pulling for Shiloh and we hope that he does even better than expected. He looks like he's a wonderful dog, even with the patchy hair cut.

I am so sorry to see Shiloh is having to deal with cancer. But, I am very thankful he is getting such good care...I would expect no less from ya'll. The animals at your home are blessed to be given the best of care and unconditional love in a home of safety and comfort. Thank you again and again for what ya'll do and stand for in your daily living. Mary Ware

Dear Alayne & Steve, I just want you to know that Shiloh is going to be in my thoughts and prayers from now on.

Hope the chemo treatments won't be too hard on him!

A HUGE hug to Shiloh from Italy.

I'm so sorry to hear the news. Hopefully the treatments will give him some more months with you all at the ranch. He looks like he's a very good patient!

Hugs to you and Sweet Shiloh....
Quality of life and happiness for all to come I hope...

I'm so sorry and sad. I know you will do everything in your power to give Shiloh a wonderful quality of life. My prayer is Shiloh beats all the odds. She is only 8 years old so hopefully her youthful spirit gives her a longer life than most cancer survivors. Shiloh you look so, so sweet!

Oh No!!!!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you Shiloh.

Only 8 yrs old? That's not nearly enough time. The critters and I will keep you & Shiloh in our thoughts. Been thru cancer w/my own two mutts - hard to watch them disappear before your eyes.

Thank you for all you do.

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