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September 26, 2007


I'm enjoying to see Blanca's photo! maybe she's comfortable in that way! She seems happy and contented!

That's how our Doby used to sit on the couch, many years ago.

We're on vacation in Maine and spent yesterday visiting the herd of 6 horses saved from slaughter. They are skittish, but I was able to pet some of them. They are in good hands now.

That's the Sexy Pose! :)

I have seen this pose in my own Danes and I know you do not have to worry about her taking over your chair; Blanca is going to discover the couch and end up owning it! My last two Danes did not have their ears cropped, and neither one had ears anywhere near as BIG as hers!! Keep her out of the wind! :-]

She really makes me smile!!!! Its wonderful to see her do these things! Her mother was like that too, but usually she would get into that position sitting on my lap!

Blanca, my sweet, you are adorable! I hope to meet you someday soon.

Blanca is an absolute clown! Her goofy expression is so adorable....great photo!!

Yup - Classic "Dane Sit" to be done on laps, stairs, porches, chairs, couches, indeed anywhere suitable. Her little legs aren't quite long enough yet (her growth priority being, as mentioned, her splendid ears!)

And, given that she is blind and deaf, it is "proof" that the Dane Sit is genetic and/or instinctive.

Give that pink nosey a smooch for me!

- Katy :-)

It's SUCH a joy to see her enjoying the good life! GROWING girl, yet still with her fabulous pink nose. Big hugs to Blanca!

Thanks for the flashback. I had a greatdane and Dudley would sit like that all the time. Keep doing what your doing.
hugs n kisses to all

Blanca is certainly creative! I'm tall so I'm going to give this position a try too!

Those feet, those ears. What a picture. I wonder if she's thinking that maybe humans need to build bigger chairs. This model, with nothing for the front end, just doesn't seem complete.

as a long time fan and owner of great danes, I can testify that this is a legitimate "sit" for a dane. They'll sit this way on chairs, couches, in the car, you name it. The position is just about as famous as the patented "Great Dane Lean" (which other breeds have picked up on over the years...).

Gotta love the goofy ears on this one. :-)

hmmm... that position doesnt seem very comfortable does it, but if it suits her then great! to each his own. well tough luck steve cause as soon as she figures out that chair is a recliner, say bye bye to your chair.hehe
hugs to all at RDR
Gile x really made my day, again!! Does Blanca realise that she is a Great Dane side-wind-ear-meter, as well??
I hope the draughts aren't as serious as this looks!

Blanca is such a clown! I've had several dogs that do this on stairs. (large dogs tend to do this & the majority of my dogs in my adult life have been big dogs) I think she's outgrowing the chair within the week!
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Maybe this is the start of Danes vs doxies! She knows you put up the wind-o-meter pix the other day, and Blanca didn't want to be outdone. "I'll show you guys C-U-T-E ! ! !"

Love those ears! Hey, if she is comfortable--go for it!

She is just too cute!! Thanks for
sharing your chair with her. Soon
it will be her letting you use "her" chair. Your'e very gracious. I love her ears, don't let her in the wind tunnel with Bailey or someone may take flight
for sure!

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