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September 27, 2007


Welcome back home, Dusty!

I'm so happy that Dusty's cancer was found early, removed and he's now doing well.

Nice to meet Lilah and Patches too.

Welcome back, Dusty! I wish you many more years of good health & joy at the RDR!

Welcome home, Dusty & so glad that your surgery was successful.
I didn't realize that you have other horses in addition to the ones listed on the website...that's interesting! More good deeds going on at the RDR! You & Alayne are just fantastic! Thank so much for all that you do.
Big hugs,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I know Patches and Lilah may not be disabled, but I'd love to know about them, too. Please share.

I'm so glad that Dusty has the good life. The life of sled dogs, as you've already mentioned, is not pretty.

I am so thankful to you all for taking in both boys and allowing them to stay together....having been a working pair, I doubt the younger would have had a successful re-pairing. What a lovely story....except, of course, for the stockyards. If only others knew what intelligent, noble creatures they were .

So glad Dusty had GOOD NEWS!!!! RDR didn't need another bad outcome.

Sooo glad that Dusty is going to be just fine and cancer-free. You have an amazing and gifted vet team to look after the precious critters at the ranch!

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