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September 24, 2007


Terrific Doxie photos -- keep up the good work!


Hi LOVE Bailey!!!!!

Rolling Dog Ranch rules! You guys do wonderful WONDERFUL things for our fuzzy and furry friends. Keep up the good work!

Hi Bailey is a cutie!!! Super wind tester. Rent him to the Air Force for their flight line duties. I miss my old doxie. Sam could fly with the wind playing on the California Seal Rock Beach. Their ears are so funny, but they tell the souls of Dachsunds. Thank you so very much for the pictures and stories of all the animals. They really help us. I do old dog and feral cat rescues and when I need a pick-me-up picture or story, I get a email from you guys and it helps set the world upright again. Thank you from all of my herd.
The Cat

You are doing such wonderful work. My day is brightened everytime I receive your newsletter.

Bailey has such a beautiful wing span and face to match.


PS: to all visiting this page, I use for my searches and each time I click around, a penny is being donated to the Rolling Dog Ranch. I hope that all of your members will do the same.

I just love your site and newsletters. It is so heartwarming to read stories like Bailey's, he is as cute as can be. Thanks so much for bringing laughter to so many of us, and for doing what your'e doing for the animals. God Bless all of you, and hugs and kisses to Baily and all the animals.

My husband volunteers five days a week at the Burbank German Shepherd rescue (Los Angeles, CA)
and I wish he had as many heart warming, stories to share. Thank you for always bringing a smile to our faces and reminding us there can be joy in even the saddest of situtaions.

Those photos are great! They would make an even better video-we all could watch Bailey's ears flappin' in the wind!

Great photos...had chuckles over Bailey's wind experience. Tell her she can come fly in our yard any time as Central Oregon is notorious for wind!!! Hugs to all for your great work!!

My frosty-faced Penny does the same thing...actually, all three of my doxies do it! Oh, if only every animal could feel the joy that Bailey was feeling at that moment.

You guys are THE BEST!

His ears are like the flaps on an airplane - he was ready for takeoff! So cute - thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you for the laughter. Those are priceless.

Congratulations! It is so heart-warming to view your site. We help the Good Samaritan Donkey Sanctuary here in Australia, and just wish for them that they could have more support, especially with the recent floods which damaged so much essential fencing etc. They are now in lockdown in hope of preventing EI which has caused so much havoc here.


These are the best pictures ever!!!

If you let your imagination go a little bit further, you might even see that his feet are just slightly off the ground.


Thos are the cutest pics of Bailey - what a BIG smile they gave me!!!

The ear-o-meter is off the charts of the cute-o-meter, too!


Animals are so resourceful. Since Bailey has difficulty walking, maybe he's just decided to fly!

Bailey looks like he is saying; Just cuz I can't walk very well doesn't mean I want to learn how to fly!!! Get me out of here! Great post Steve.

What a great thing to see first thing in the morning! I laughed out loud! We always laugh at one of our doxies, she looks like the flying nun all the time with her ears flying like that too. Thanks for the laugh!


Bailey has a job!!!! RDR wind meter. Good boy The pictures are delightful, although Bailey does not look too pleased with his new job( those eyes are saying "pick me up, darn it, and let us go inside") Doxies are something else!! Wonderful Take care

HA HA HA! Thanks for the laugh this morning, Airborne Bailey! Hope you don't fly off to Oz one of these days!

I think Bailey is going to take off the next time! I'll be looking up at the sky.:)

Bailey is just too funny!
I love his ear-o-meter talent!
Great post today, I'm rendered in complete laughter.

Is this to cute-I love it. You should send the pictures to the National Weather Service for a good description of wind speeds on their web site.

Cutest thing I've ever seen!Bailey looks as though he is thoroughly enjoying the wind-blown ears as he poses for the camera!Made my day!

I look forward to reading your blogs and this one made my day. I take my hat off to you and your wife for doing something only I could wish to do. Keep these great stories coming. LOVE HIS EARS.

Wow, your very own Doxie windsock! Too cute! I also like the first photo the best :)

hahahahahahahaha. that's terrific. :)

hahaha!! Bailey! ur such a laugh! those pictures are fantastic! ur such a cute wind meter! those pics and story really made my day!:-D hugs to all at RDR!
Gile x

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