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September 23, 2007


You rock! Thanks for bringing attention to our loved blindies and letting people know there is life after blindness!

EXCELLENT website and resource!!!

Great website. I am wondering if this is part of Diva's problem, a horse in rehab at Hope for Horses in Woodinville where I volunteer. When I looked at those photos of eyes, I thought of her bad eye. I'll have to ask next weekend. I'm also (so far) pretty horse ignorant, so I can't tell if she's an Appy - but she looks sort of like one, don't you think?

Great work, anyway, you folks are awesome.

Mary E.

I have a 32 year old App who, thankfully,has no problem with uveitis. While I agree the App Horse Club should be educating the public, any prospective owner should educate themselves as well. The info is out there. I have always felt those Apps with light, pink, or white skin around the eyes might be more susceptible. My guy wears a fly mask from April through October to keep sunlight out of his eyes more than to keep the flies away.

Too much "breeding for type" has resulted in too many purebreds with kinks in their DNA spirals, whether horse or dog. It's very sad for the animals. I'd take a grade horse or a rez dog with street cred over a pedigree any day.

I shared this with a couple of my "horsey" friends yesterday who are likewise spreading the word. You have new fans of your important work. YAY RDR!

Yes! This is important work. You should contact as many large animal vets as possible, to petition the Appaloosa Horse Club to at least acknowledge there is a problem. Also to fund research.
If there is a preventative to be found, it won't be found without research. Good luck!
P.S. I live in Oklahoma, where there are plenty of horses, therefore plenty of vets. I'll do my part to contact some in order to put some pressure on the club.

What a terrific site! How do you ever find the time to launch yet another campaign to help animals? You guys are amazing. Info on the new site is easy to understand, even for a non-horsey person. Startling statistics. Lots of info. If Appy owners learn the facts, they should really put the pressure on the Association. Great job!

Good and worthwhile project! There is a link between the white color and the eye problems. For example, your blind white Great Danes. Also, the "fatal white" Australian Shepherds. White color is produced by a recessive gene, and when bred for that quality (or bred in a way that allows that color to manifest) the other recessive genes that cause problems can manifest.

Education is always the key!

Great!Maybe with studies they can find some answers to this problem in the breed & develop a vaccine or medicine that will keep it from occuring.Great work Rolling Dog!

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