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August 27, 2007


I really love animals but your love for pets is totally different. I must appreciate your team for your endeavor to help animals like Tibby & Fibby and many others. After reading this story I am inspired to work for you for this noble cause. Please advice me how can I help you and keep the flame of humanity forever...
- Mathew J.

Very nice pictures.Thanks for posting this blog.Their x-rays are very interesting and such a great contrast between a normal T & F..

Very nice post.It is always a blessing to care for someone or something that is less fortunate than yourself.

I've been visitng Montana for the last 8 years or so, the BEST place on earth! I wish I could be where you are doing the same thing! Not only is Montana a place I want to live the rest of my life so BAD, but what you and your wife do is such a blessing! Thank God he does make people with HUGE hearts for animals, any animal!

You are wonderful people! Igive you many hugs and smiles for what you are all about.

I always say to my "girls" Tippy Toes & Wiggins that they are my angels with fur. Some angels just have 4 legs instead of 2.

God made them all and god bless your work!

Terry from Tennnessee

I have a cat without any back legs and she walks on her front legs and keeps her back end off of the floor. She climbs stairs and runs. She is our special gift. Her name is Cuddles.

It is always a blessing to care for someone or something that is less fortunate than yourself. Animals, although they are, are as soft and interesting as humans. They are created by God, who promised to bless those who take good care of their pets or someone or something (animals), who is less fortunate.

I appreciate this web site, just to know that someone is taking part in this growing problem the right way.

It is truly a blessing by God, to take the time to care for something or someone less fortunate than ourselves. The bible states a blessing from God, for those who take good care of animals.

Thank you for sharing this web site with me, and someday, I'd like to give back something in return.

What a pair of cuties! These felines have it made at the ranch...welcome Tibby and Fibby!

LOVE the names! Nice to see a happy story after such saddness lately. Will Tibby & Fibby need wheelchairs or will they continue to scoot around? They are so lucky to be with you at the Ranch. Bless their little hearts, and yours too!

Tibby and Fibby are wonderful names for the darling kitties. My goodness..those xrays look painful just to see them. I know they are getting all the love and attention at the ranch that they deserve. God bless you all in your endeavors for our beautiful animals. Thank goodness for the wonderful people such as yourselves that love these animals instead of putting them down. God bless you both.

Great names! Dr. Jennifer is the best! She took great care of my cat when I ran over her last year. Ouch! Sitting in the waiting room of MVS waiting to hear of the outcome of the accident is when I picked up a copy of RDR's newsletter and read it wondering if my cat would survive and walk again. Now, my cat is back to normal, running and jumping, and I've become a supporter of the Ranch. Thanks to both the Ranch and Dr. Jennifer for all that they do for our animal friends!

Tibby and Fibby are purrrfect names, great suggestion Chris!

Their x-rays are very interesting and such a great contrast between a normal T & F. I love that they scoot around, unaware of their lacking Tib & Fib; because after all, they ARE Tibby and Fibby. They don't need anything else other than to get home for some serious play, food and lovings.

Can't wait to meet the new feline arrival tomorrow; is it tomorrow yet? How about now...or now...?!?

Those exrays look like their back legs would hurt! That's just bizaar! Great names you've chosen & it fits those two so well! You make a great cat holder, Steve!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

PURRfect names! Tibby and Fibby are so darn cute and beautiful. They have grown so much in a short time. I really found the update interesting, and can't wait until tomorrow's blog surprise!!!

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