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August 23, 2007


Ok this is why I work with animals, and I have always been told I had a heart of gold for working with animals, healthy or otherwise, you are both great, I love what you do for these animals. It has always been my wish to start something like what you have, and who knows I just might.....keep up the great work, there are angels who walk the Earth, not just in Heaven, and you both are it! God Bless, Rebecca Evered and family

This was a great post...thanks for the Yoga pose, Callie!
Savasana at it's best. OMMMMM....

Wow. It seems like you guys have been going through all sorts of painful moments in recent days. Working with animals guarantees your heart's going to be broken, and when you work with as many old and physically-challenged beings as you both do, you're guaranteed to be on that roller coaster more often than the rest of us...Well, you are both absolute saints to do what you do. I'm convinced of that. And, although I'm sure Tonto knows you would have liked to have been with him, he's doing just fine now. I'm absolutely sure that he knew he was loved and in the hospital because you were both so concerned about making him feel better. I hope you don't let the guilt lie with you too long - neither of you deserve that. Take care of yourselves, and keep on doing the amazing work that you do. You are much appreciated and admired.

Well, that just made my day! What a cutie. Glad to see there are some happy moments to guys have had a rough time. I have cried with you with every passing. At least you know you gave these guys a great place to live out their years.

Hilarious photo...thanks for sharing!!

It always seems when our eyes are filled to the max with tears, along comes a little bundle of joy who knows just how to bring a smile to our face. Bless Callie for just being Callie and blessings to Tonto, Peabody and Claude for joys they gave to us all. Lots of prayers to you, Steve and Alayne, for all the joy and love you give to all the animals.

And just a tip of the tongue sticking out, too. Very important that all parts are completely relaxed.

I'm so sorry about Tonto. You both have had too much loss lately!

I know Callie and all the others will do their best to cheer you and Alayne up with lots of schmoochies this weekend.

Bless your hearts for all you do.

Boy, we all needed this one! :)

I enjoyed the fun post, and I am always happy to see lightheartedness following inevitable sadness. It is a healthy acknowledgment of the circle of life.

I am so sorry that you have suffered so much loss in such a short time. In some ways, it is surely heartbreaking to lose several good friends in rapid succession, but in another way, these events really do underscore the compassion and kindness that define the ranch. All of these wonderful animals died with dignity, while being cared for and loved. This is a special gift that too few animals (including the human variety) receive. Thank you for everything you do.


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