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August 23, 2007


Alayne and Steve,

It's never wasted effort; you would definitely have always wondered if you had not gone ahead with the surgery.
A few weeks ago, a friend and I found a cat wobbling down the middle of the road, obviously in grave distress.
We rushed her to an emergency vet who really had no answers for us and so I put $1300 on my credit card (incidentally all I had in my bank account) simply to stabilize the poor kitty. No surgery, no meds really...just the cost of being an emergency and some fluids and oxygen.
The cat died without ever really regaining consciousness...I didn't even get to see her raise her head or say goodbye. It was all over in a few hours. She was a stranger to me and I to her and all the money in the world couldn't save her life.
Would I do it again? Without hesitation.
The point is not that she died but that someone cared enough to do everything they could to help her live.
And that's what you did for Tonto and what you do everyday for those who depend on you. That level of care and respect for animals is very rare; thank you.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family for your loss.

I am so sorry. I know that kind of sorrow is very hard to express. It goes deep. God bless as you heal from this situation.
You did the right thing ! Steve when you get a chance could you pls email me directly I have a product and with some of my sales I would like to pledge (although small as I am that at present)

A rough week speaks mildly, I'm sure. I'm so sorry about Tonto's passing and your feelings about not being with him as he passed. I can understand that.
I belive you always do your absolute best for the animals and did the same for Tonto.
Loving and healing hugs to you and Alayne.
Love and peace to Tonto.

I'm sooo sad tonight upon learning of the death of Tonto. Its sooo sad to lose a pet like that. You both should be commended for all that you did for him in his last days. Its been a tough week for u all, but lets hope next week will be a whole lot better. Tonto is happily munching his hay and grass upstairs with the Lord. God bless you all.

My sympathies go out to you both...this summer has been brutal! I agree that you did the right thing by going the surgery gave him another chance. Tonto knew that and he also knew love and compassion to the end. Even though you weren't there at the very end, may you both find comfort in that knowledge.

Bless all of you at RDR. You are so strong and supportive for all the animals at every stage in their life.

I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of Tonto. Yes, it has been a rough two weeks for the both of you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I believe that we all return to our Creator when we cross over - be it human beings or animals. I am sure your animals that have recently crossed over are in a good and happy place where there is much love, hugs and kisses.

"Grief is the price we pay for love."

I would rather grieve for my animal companions' deaths than never to have had them in my life.

I am so very sorry for your loss. At least you tried everything you could to save him. He was very loved & I'm sure he knew it.

Please know many people are thinking of you all in these sad times.

Dear Steve & Alayne, so sorry about Tonto, he had a beautiful life at Rolling Dog, we will be thinking about you.

What a terrible few weeks you have endured. My thoughts are with you. It hardly seems fair you must carry these burdens when the work you do is so extraordinary.

Kindest and best wishes.

Don't mourn for me
Dear owner, kind and true
I know that you will miss me
As I will also think of you.

We shared so many secrets;
those you whispered in my ear.
I've kept those secrets for you
lest any one would hear.

An in return you've kept me
from being turned out in the cold.
You've fed, watered, & cared for me while we both grew old.

But God had called and needs me;
He says that it is time
I claim that sweet reward
in a kinder, greener clime.

He promises sweeter clover,
clear water, rich and pure
I'll never have to suffer
from wounds that humans cannot cure.

I'll romp and play all day
with others he has called hither.
I'll have so many new friends
that will scratch upon my wither.

I'll be watching out for you
when comes your judgement day
and together towards the pearly gates we again will ride away!

author unknown

You did the right thing. He was lucky to have you.

Dear Alayne and Steve,
"What if" haunts you forever...thank goodness you don't have to live with the the "what if!!!" with Tonto.
Our deepest condolences on your loss.

Oh dear, I am so very sorry! And all the more so that you couldn't be there. But you were there when he needed you the most, and that was when he had nowhere else to go. He was able to live a longer life thanks to you and Alayne. You truly did everything you could for him. I know it still hurts, though.

And poor Scout - what will he do without his buddy?

Gee... You guys have had some rough days. Just know they are free of pain and will always be with you -in your hearts.

Death is our constant companion...

Steve & Alayne, I'm so sorry for your loss of Tonto, and the other losses you've had to endure these past few weeks. You did everything you could for these guys and I know they loved you for it! Remember, when one door closes, another one opens... or sometimes at least a window. Take care, Susan & your alumnus Buddy

Wer'e sending our heartfelt condolences to you for the loss of
Tonto. While you may not have been there in the physical sense,
knowing that you were there in spirit will comfort you, and he
was with people that also cared and loved him. You both are a blessing to those that have the opportunity to enjoy what time they have left here on earth and you did for and gave to Tonto everything that was in your ability to do. I'm praying that you can have a respite from all the sorrow of loss for awhile.

We are so sorry to hear of Tonto's passing Please be comforted in the knowledge that you did EVERY thing you could for the ol'guy .May I suggest ,humbly, that you take a deep breath and then have a GOOD??? cleansing cry(it realley does help to have a real boo hoo!) and then take on the next situation that is sure to arise. Stay strong and please know there will be BETTER days and weeks ahead.These last couple of weeks have been real "bears"!! A big group hug from every one to each of you. We love you!!!!

Thank you for trying. I know you and Alayne are devastated, but I hope you will find comfort in knowing that you did everything possible for Tonto. He had a wonderful, happy life after coming to your ranch. That is his "thanks" to you.

I am so sorry for the losses the ranch has suffered lately. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do for all the animals!

You gave Tonto the best care & love possible. He wasn't suffering in some forlorn place without the attention that he needed. You did the right thing by having the surgery for him, I would have done the same if he'd been mine. I'm sorry you weren't there with him at the time, but Tonto knew that you & Alayne loved him. My deepest sympathy.
With biggest healing hugs,

My deepest condolences on your loss. Keep in your heart that Tonto knew great happiness and love during his time with you, and although you were not with him when he died, he was not alone. What a beautiful soul he was.

Dear Two, your hearts probably feel all bruised and battered right're in my thoughts! How are you holding up? Every time one of my furry familymembers dies it feels like one of the targets (the thing with the bull's-eye?) has come off my heart, but one of the supports has gone from under it too.
They make me vulnerable and hold me together at the same time.

And kimmer, such a true comment!
The courage of love can face the fear at the RDR...

I'm so sorry you guys. What an awful months this has been. I'm sure that Tonto was glad that you loved him enough to at least try to save him. I'm so so so sorry. It doesn't matter how old they are. It still hurts a lot. My thoughts are with you all.

I am so sorry to hear about Tonto & Peabody.May you find some peace in knowing that they are no longer in pain and are with all the loved animals that have passed from RDR recently.God Bless both of you for all the love & care you gave them and for all you do for the special animals there at RDR.Hope the fires are put out soon and don't get any closer to the ranch. Love & Peace,Elaine,Jake& Brave

I don't know how you guys do it...I am so sad for y'all right now. I clicked here hoping to see news of more recovery and this just breaks my heart. Even tho you weren't physically there with him, you were with him...and he'll always be with y'all. Much love...

Again- our deep sympathy for your loss of dear Tonto. We SO admire your desire to ideally be with them to the end. But we also know how Tonto KNOWS that, and is your guardian angel of the entire ranch now. Thank you all for giving him a kind, loving and wonderful life while here.

with tears flowing hard, know that I prayed for Tonto that he would be free of the pain and find happiness. I thought he'd be home soon, just not God's home. I'm thankful that these beautiful creatures have you and Elayne. Man these past couple have really hit me HARD, I can't imagine being you. My heart would be mush! Thanks for all that you do and being the angels you are...RIP our RDR critters we will never forget you and will love you forever. Keep an eye out for others who need RDR and help them find their way.
God bless you

I'm convinced that some animals are very independent spirits and choose to leave when there isn't anybody around. I also think some love their caregivers so much they don't want them to hurt when they leave. So maybe Tonto needed to do this alone.

Bless your compassion for wanting to be there at the end with your animals. I am shocked when people won't. However, like I said, maybe Tonto wanted to do this his way.

Steve, Alayne and Scout -

My most heartfelt condolences and prayers are with you.

Thank you for the care and love that you have given Tonto and Peabody. They were very blessed to have spent their last year's at the RDR.

kind regards,


I am so sorry for your loss. Dear, sweet Tonto. It's such a shock when it happens so quickly, especially if you can't be there. You did the right thing. He had a good, good life with you and his equine companions. RIP, sweet boy.

I am so sorry to hear about Tonto! It really has been a rough few weeks for you and Alayne. I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks again for all you two angels do for these animals!

It has been rough for Rolling Dog Ranch and you and Alayne. I too am glad you tried to save Tonto. In this day and age it's so easy to quit because going on takes so much emotion. Thank you for taking that extra effort and heartache.

Dear Alayne & Steve, I'm SO sorry to read about Tonto's sudden death!

Please find some consolation in knowing that you did everything you could to save him and that he's young and whole again now, happily cantering across the Elysian fields...

Thank you for giving Tonto and the other friends that we've lost this month such love and care.

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