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August 07, 2007


very well deserved!!! but it is nice to see that the minions are still sticking together :)

Alayne and Steve,

Congratulations!! There is no one more deserving!! You are an inspiration to animal lovers everywhere. Continued blessings to you in your remarkable mission to give a wonderful life( with lots of love and belly rubs!) to the disabled animals that had no hope before you welcomed them home to RDR. Your the best!!

Congratulations! That is a truly well-deserved recognition for you and your animals. Be sure to let us know when the TV programs will be on so we can watch.

Wow and double wow guys! Congratulations! I can think of no others more deserving. This means you can get your message out and more donations in. And that leads to continued care for the ones already there and those yet to come. You're heroes in our eyes. Blessings to you all!

Alayne & Steve,

Congratulations on the much deserved recognition. I agree that your "kids" are definitely the heroes. You can say that the two of you aren't heroes because in reality you are nothing short of angels on earth. Blessings to all of you, Nancy

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are most deserving of the IFAW award . If it were not for you and the other"angels in disguise" where would these "darlings " ,large and small, be? I suspect there will be more and more awards coming your way in future!!! It takes a very special person to devote their lives to the work you do . Congratulations again and i will take liberty and humbly speak for the RDR "fan club members" and say we are SO proud of you both!!! YOU ARE EXTRAORIDNARY !!!

Congratulations! And you both ARE heroes. You know it too, but you also know how fun it is to do what you do!! You probably would prefer to be OUT of the spotlight, but it does help in awareness of what can and should be done...

Enjoy the rest of the summer!


Congratulations on your award and some very well deserved recognition for your accomplishments. I agree with you that the animals are true heroes as well, overcoming what they do, but it is the both of you who give them the opportunity and ability to live the wonderful lives they have now. I'm sure if the animals could speak they'd tell you that it was worth what they've had to go through to end up where they are today with you guys on the ranch.

Congratulations! You deserve it. You are taking the spirit of an animal sanctuary to an extraordinary level by taking in disabled animals and showing the world that disabilities often aren't.

Congratulations! This is a very much deserved award! Keep up the good work and writing your blog...I read it every morning to start the day on a good inspirational note.

Congratulations to Rolling Dog Ranch!That is so great!

How Wonderful! Congratulations to you and the animals!
I'm sure this recognition with save many disabled animal lives. Amazing things happen to amazing people and animals and RDR fits right in there.
Once you find out when the awards show is, please post it. I'm less than 100 miles away and would love to see this if it's an open event.

Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear you've been awarded this; I always think that "surprise awards" are the best.

This is wonderful and truly well deserved! Good for you and, as ever, it is the animals who win! I hope this brings more recognition and, in turn, more big donors! You guys are so AMAZING!

That's fantastic! Congrats to you, and yes you are very deserving, & all of the great animals at RDR! I'm so pleased for all of you & that's a very great way of getting publicity as well!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias, & Tlingit

Baron is so cute--I can't wait to met him next year when we come to volunteer!!!

IFAW is a marvelous organization and they proved it once again by awarding RDR. I love all the publicity the Ranch has been given this year! It will help spread the word on disabled animals and help RDR continue their mission. It's all so amazing!!

Congratulations to the both of you and your family of sweet animals. I am an active member of IFAW, who as you know, also does miraculously, wonderful things for animals all over the world. To be recognized by IFAW is indeed a prestigious accomplishment, but most importantly will hopefully provide a lot of publicity resulting in more supporters! Congrats again!

Congratulations, On your Most Deserved Award! I believe in Karma and it's giving you a Beautiful Spotlight!

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