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August 30, 2007


Bye Puff. So sorry sorry!

its been a rough few weeks for you guys :( I am thinking of you from NZ and hope you take comfort in the wonderful life you provide your animals.

I am soooo sorry to hear of yet another loss at the ranch. Puff looks so precious. Even though she had such a short time here on earth, you gave her lots of love and care and allowed her to know that there truly are true angels here on earth.

no, no, no, not this sweet little one, so young. I can hardly speak.

My heart aches. When we visited in July, Puff spent a lot of time in my arms and was very special. Like others who have written before me, I'm glad this precious kitty had at least a few years of physical comfort, play, and love. Thank you Steve and Alayne -- and pass on our thanks to the Montana Veterinary Clinic vets, who truly do so much to help too, and who care.

We all know Puff had the best life possible and without you it wouldn't even have been as long as it was. Thinking good thoughts for you both as you move through yet another loss.
RIP Puff.
Hugs, Miranda

Dear Alayne & Steve, my heart goes out to you. What a ghastly summer of repeated losses for the RDR!:-( I feel truly awed by your moral strength in coping with so much heartbreak.

Even though Puff's life was cut far too short, I'm sure her two years on this earth were very special, filled with TLC. I can picture her now, purring away in God's loving lap, her eyes and lungs perfectly healthy again!

You're hearts must be aching so; I'm terribly sorry to hear about Puff's passing! What a sweet and inspiring girl she was; and will always be because of the life you gave her. Thank you for sharing her story.
God speed, Puff....I know you're spirit is being held in the highest and most loving place.

I'm so sorry for your loss of Puff. She was a light & great energy that was improtant to Rolling Dog. Working at a vet clinic, I know that things like this sometimes just happen, with no warning. It's hard on everyone involved, and my thoughts are with you all.

Puff was one of my favorite residents that we met on our trip last summer. She was the neatest little grown-up kitten I've ever met....she will be missed!

wow what an inspiring life that little kitten lived. what a so sorry she had to go so soon.
that is a wonderful picture. it helps when you have something to remember them by when they were happy and you were happy and you were all together.

My thoughts are for sweet Puff and also my prayers for you Steve & Alayne.Thank you for giving Puff a loving home and making her short time here happy.She looks like my kitty Lucky.Have fun chasing butterflies over the Bridge dear Puff,you are with the angels now.Love & Peace,Elaine,Jake&Brave

I am so sorry to hear about Puff! These stories always bring tears to my eyes! She had 2 good years on this earth thanks to you and Alayne coming to her rescue! What a lucky little girl to have been given such a great gift.....RDR!! I am hoping and praying September is a better month for you! As always, thanks again for all you do for these precious animals!

Karmen & the Zoo

I held Puff in Aug. when I was there. I've thought about her many times since. She was indeed the sweetest cat. Her spirit certainly defied all the trauma and sickness that she had been through. I am so sorry and devastated.

Our consolation is knowing that you gave her the best life possible.

I share in your pain and will rememeber that sweetie.

You guys are the best and thank you for your care.



August has been a tough month with the loss of another friend, but we have many good years in the future thanks to the Ranch.

Damn!! What a couple of weeks you guys have had!! It doesn't matter whether they die suddenly or you know it is coming, it still hurts just the same!!

Lots of hugs all around!

RIP, Sweet Puff. You had a good life with Steve and Alayne and all your feline companions. You died in the presence of those who loved you very much, too, Dr. Brenda and all the vet techs.

This has, indeed, been a very tough summer for RDR, but, truly, death is part of living and these animals' lives and deaths have been very good.

I am so sorry for what you guys have been through the past several weeks or so. It makes it especially harder when it is one that isn't old and sickly. We have been through that losing 4 in a year and one of those was sudden and couldn't find a reason.
My thoughts are with you. Remember all the good you are doing and the fond memories of each.

God Bless You

I am so sorry to read the sad news about Puff. If it hadn't been for you & Alayne, that precious little kitty would have not had any life at all. She was so lucky to have been taken in by you at the RDR to get the excellent care & love. Although I know that you want to be with them when they go, she was in the lap of the Vet, & if anything could have been done, she was in the right place. She wasn't alone in some cage, or even worse, beside I-90. You were her angels & she knew that you loved her.
My thoughts are with you,

It's been a rough summer for you guys! I hadn't even heard of little Puff before...don't know how I missed her...I have a great affinity for orange kitties. Please extend thanks to Dr. Culver for all of her hard work, too. I am so sorry for your loss; please don't let it discourage you...maybe Puff will keep our new angel, Fiona, company at the Rainbow Bridge.

O dear. She looks adorable, whiskers all pointed at the toy...
Maybe she'll be back for a healthy shot at the good life?
My heart goes out to you, once more.

I am so sorry for your loss of dear Puff. What a sweet soul she must have been! I know she is healed and happy at the Bridge, but my heart goes out to you both. Such a difficult few weeks for you! You are in my prayers.


Oh no. I am so so sorry. Dear little Puff.

I have no words.

My heart felt thoughts to you all at RDR.

Little Puff will be remembered with love.


Oh little Puffster. I sure will miss you, you little munchkin. I am so thankful I was out there when I was home, as I always do the cat house and have gotten to know them all and Puff WAS a little purr miester! She was just the cutest little thing. So playful and such a love muffin. My heart and prays go out to you for all your losses recently. In light and love, LuAnn

Oh my…. what a shock. I'm so grateful that Puff didn't suffer. Puff was a sweetie and the external kitten. I'm so glad you have this wonderful picture of her. There is no understanding only acceptance--which of course comes in time! I'm so, so sorry and sad. So much loss at the RDR and in my pet family too--it can be overwhelming! A Big Hug!

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