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August 29, 2007


Roy is going to feel so much better soon! Poor guy he needs this type of treatment in his elder years. These animals are the lucky ones--although I know you and Alayne feel lucky. Look forward to hearing how he responds.

So glad to hear there is treatment that will help old Roy....he is definitely at the right place!

Welcome back, Copper!

Mules are wonderful creatures.

Best of luck on your steroid treatments, Roy. I've seen it work wonders on horses I've worked with, too.

And, welcome back home, Copper.

I'm glad Roy found his way to you; his poor joints need some RDR attention! Welcome Roy!
I hope he's hee-hawing around the pastures soon...won't that be a nice sound again?
With time, rest and love, I do hope Copper becomes more mobile so he can enjoy the ranch to its fullest once again. Everyone is rooting for you, handsome Copper.

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