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August 05, 2007


Bridger is so sweet and the devotion he and Madison share is endlessly touching. Thank you, thank you for sharing so much. I learn so much from your posts and can relate to a lot of it.

We had to put a pony down last week. She was suffering terribly and very weak from years of untreated Cushings disease. Her pasture mate cried and cried for her when we took her out of the pasture. It was gut wrenching.
It is so nice when they get to be reunited instead of having to be separated.

I can see and feel the love that you have for your beautiful family of horses, dogs and cats. I consider it a gift to be able to volunteer at a sanctuary. To make it a life's work is what you have and you share it so beautifully. Thank you.

P.S. How's Copper Kid? At Horses' Haven we have recently acquired a former police horse named Copper. He's 100% healthy; they just did not need him anymore and didn't want him to end up at auction - thank goodness!

I can only imagine how sensitive Bridger's eye was. Guess these ulcers do come on fast, you posted he and Madison a little over a week ago and wham....big change. Thanks for doing a fine job on the surgery Dr. Taylor!
Bridger and Madison's connection IS heartwarming; I'm glad they were apart for just a day.

I'm so glad Bridger is well again and reunited with his love. Animals, "handicapped" or not, can teach us lesser beings so much about life and love! I wish I could find a love like Bridger & Madison's. I know it sounds corny but I think animal lovers might understand.

These stories fill my heart with so much joy!

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