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August 22, 2007


Please know that we are sending hugs to you both at this sad time. Thank you so much for having been so kind and loving to Tonto, Claude, Peabody. They all knew how much you loved them.

Tonto must have felt just awful before the surgery! I hope he's feeling and doing better as the hours go by.
Sending special prayers and well wishes that he can return home soon, happy and healthy.

Im so happy you chose surgery. I would have done the same thing, no matter how much it cost. Im glad Tonto has you. : )

Tonto, I wish you a speedy recovery. I think you're past the half-way mark now and it's all good from here. Take it easy and let Steve and Alayne work their magic on you during your recuperation. Aren't vets wonderful?

[Yes, he does look quite stuffed in the one photo.]

Sounds like you got him into surgery just in time - I have a feeling that he's going to be just fine now, and you guys definitely deserve a little breather from all these problems. You're in my thoughts!

Bless you all for doing everything you can for Tonto. It looks like he is in good hands with his doctor and the veterinary team there.

I hope Tonto is feeling better and recovering today. I pray he is back in the pasture with his buddy Scout very soon.
You and Alayne give all the animals such good care and I am sad for anyone who would question your decisions to give your animals every chance to live and have the fantastic life you provide at the ranch. They surely just do not understand the love you both provide and give to your friends at your home. Mary

Good to hear he made it through surgery and recovery ok. You'll have a long road ahead caring and worrying about him. The surgery is expensive, but looking back I'm glad we proceeded when our mare coliced. I don't know what I would do without her. She has another month of being off before I can start working with her again (i.e. trail riding). We're definitely taking things slow. I hope Tonto makes a quick recovery and you don't encounter any problems.

I know he has a long recovery ahead, but I'm praying for things to go smoothly. Having just gone through emergency surgery on my daughter's four-legged child, I know how anxious you both must have been. Good luck to Tonto! are the two new kitties doing? Any news yet on how CopperKid is doing?

What great news! I was thinking of Tonto a couple of hours ago & I've just checked your blog to read about him & his colic.

God bless you for choosing the surgery option & giving Tonto the chance of living many more carefree years in Big Sky Country!

Get well soon blind Tonto!

I only hope and pray I have the right people making life or death decision for me when I'm old. THANK GOD for Rolling Dog Ranch and your commitment to your mission.We love you guys for it!!! We all deserve some good news from RDR---especially Tonto!

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