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July 29, 2007


What a fiesty boy! You better be careful, he's gonna be searching for that bucket when you come to see him! it was so funny in video how he was after Steve for more milk!

Cash is a big boy now.....full of character and spunk!!! So glad you saved his life and that he is going to enjoy life at the ranch.

was that a cat meowing in the background??? poor cash is going to go through milk withdrawals...i know we never succeeded in getting our cats to go to just plain cat food bc milk was such a special treat and soooo much better tasting!
and i do like the radio feature, although your blog posts are so much fun bc you write very well! maybe a combination of writing and radio??

What an incredibly sweet, if not maybe-spoiled-a-little, horse. I bet he has a beautiful gait when he canters. Quarter horses have the cutest butts in the world.

The videos are so much fun to watch and I'm glad you incorporate both still pictures and video. Cash is so sweet and now he has to grow up a bit--:)

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