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July 29, 2007


Hello to both of you and all the four legged wonders:) We just listened to the radio broadcast this evening-what a perfect compliment to your already outstanding site! Don't sell yourselves short-you are the consumate professionals. That, and your love and admiration for all of your animals, comes across to us now not only in your written words and photos but also in the tone of your voice/voices:)

I love this! It's so much more personal than reading a blog, and it's something I can listen to while I do other things. Don't get me wrong, I love your blogs, but this just has that personal touch.
Take care!

I think the radio address is a great idea. It is great for those of us that live so far away, and probably will never get to visit the ranch. Steve, you have a nice and sincere voice. You and Alayne are reamarkable people!

Hey guys,
I love the radio show!! I think it will be a big hit, now if I could just get Dr. Mooers to figure out her computer we'd be set!! Can't wait to come visit!!! Donations are "rolling" in for you guys and we are LOVING it!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great addional feature! I hope that the Copper Kid improves & was glad to hear that he's not in any pain. I do hope you get relief from the heat & the fires will be put out. I know most people in Montana don't have air conditioning, so I'm sure it's terrible for them. I think a call in would be a great feature, & I'm wondering if Alayne would be interested in doing any of this? You both have such nice speaking voices & I think you both do an excellent job, but I don't know how you have the time for it all!
Hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I think the radio broadcasting is a great idea! It's informative and makes "us" feel like a solid group; it's not just a website you visit, it's a home you respect, support, share and love.
You have a clear voice too, Steve and as with anything done in repetition, one gets more comfortable and confident. Big paws and thumbs up on this idea!

Your broadcast sounded so down to earth, and your voice is so "folksy" that it actually sounds professional! Keep it up, but please, in addition to your blog. I love my daily fix of the, blog and a talk radio broadcast would be the perfect added plus!

i LOVE RDR radio! this is wonderful, you are able to relay so much more via voice than in print- you are an amazing writer, but this is a wonderful medium for getting the word out- unedited and natural! please keep RDR Radio on!

Your radio voice works very well..very clear and sharp. I think updates on the animals is a great idea. Go for it!!

I love it! I would definately listen in!

Played your radio broadcast, sounded just fine to me. Never heard of this, what a great idea!
You know how you hear a voice and wonder what a person looks like or vice versa? Your voice and your photo match!! That's great. Sorry to hear about Copper Kid and hope the news is positive.

What a wonderful way for those of us who can't actually be at the ranch (but would love nothing more!) to really feel a part of the goings on. I love reading the blog but there is just something special about hearing Steve tell the story.

I just listened to the broadcast and it came in very well. A call in feature would be cool. Very sorry to hear about Copper. I hope he will be able to rebound from this set back. My Shiloh shepherd has DM and every day I wonder if this is going to be the day he will not be able to get up. We have been here since 83 and this is the hottest summer we have had. I too am looking forward to fall, watching for fire is very stressful especially when I have animals at home and we have to work in town during the day. Lets pray for rain!

Chris (Potomac Montana)

I loved the broadcast. It's a keeper. You did great!! I would much rather listen to you, a real person then one of those "voice" people. I also love the videos...and the blog is just good to know how everyone is doing.
Our weather here in Texas is odd for us too.
I hope there is good news from the hospital.
Mary Ware

For a Rolling Dog Ranch addict this is wonderful and you did a great job....two thumbs up!!! We hope you all get a break from the heat!! Travis must be spending lots of time indoors and I'm sure Stoney really wants to be around the water!!!

I think the broadcast is a great idea, but want to be sure it's not a matter of the broadcast OR the blog. Love these blogs!!! If you could also give us upbeat news along with the downer stuff...Love the idea of people calling in. Are there more than 24 hours in a day in Montana? How else do you find time for everything & everyone????

Radio broadcast was very clear and you sounded great. Was nice to hear the updates 'first hand' and the ability to call-in with questions would be fun. Hope your heat wave doesn't last too long...It's a bit cooler here in Florida! Wishing everyone at RDR some shade and a breeze.

The broadcast came through loud and clear, Steve. For a person with no on-the-air experience, you sounded great. No "umm" or uncomfortable silence. I'll want to listen to your broadcasts, and if it means that you can field questions about animals that you don't have time to write about, I'd be interested in the call-in feature as well.

The radio broadcast is wonderful!I bet the world will love tuning into Rolling Dog news!

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