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July 19, 2007


The minions' mommy is home...yaaaaay! I hope their mommy had a well deserved rest!

What's a little pee among friends?

What's a little pee among friends?

What a homecoming! There is nothing like the unconditional love of dogs! Did Oscar get to go for a ride? Hope Alayne had a good visit with the parents.

Too cute! Welcome back Alayne! Your minions obviously missed you very very much!! ;)

Oh happy day! There's a rumor that one minion is even taller than Goldie, on two legs and has a beard! I'm sure you all missed Alayne!

welcome home alayne! Steve ! too funny.

There is no better welcome home than with the greeting of happy dogs! It is that way every day when I come home from work, my dog acts like he hasn't seen me in years! I love it!

Welcome home Alayne and hope you had a great time with your parents!

I would suggest that the next time Alayne goes away, she grows 5 extra arms before returning home, so she can pet all her minions who show up at the gate. If that isn't possible, perhaps putting on a waterproof poncho when she gets ready to enter :-)I'm sure everyone slept well last night with her back on their side of the fence.

Now don't you feel like chopped liver again? ;-)

welcome home alayne!!! your minons are adorable. and there is nothing wrong with a little pee pee on one's shirt. i have flown many a miles with the wonderful aroma of urine on my shirt. i just blame glenn :) anyhow, welcome home.

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