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July 25, 2007


This picture is stunning and the story just beautiful!!! They have true love!

This is a BEAUTIFUL picture. Wow! We have blind lovebirds at Horses'Haven, too: Luke and Holly. Their devotion is steadfast. I can relate! Thank you for this! Be well in hot Montana!! :)

This is the sweetest!! and therefore, is my computer wallpaper for a few days.
It's a wonderful reminder of connection and devotion.
It was a beautiful day in Montana yesterday as well so that just adds to the love.

That is so sweet. I had never read their backgrounds before, it is truly amazing how they connected instantly - maybe they knew each other in another life?! I'm so glad they found each other and that you realize they need to stay together. You guys are great!

That is the most beautiful story I have heard you guys tell! Thanks so much for the smiles!

Just goes to show true love really does last!!

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