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July 31, 2007


I hope this is not going to be something that you have to worry about! Please keep ups posted!

Oh My Gosh! That look's scarey! I hope it doesn't become something that you have to worry about. Please keep us posted on this!

I hope that everyone will stay safe and the fires will die down. I can't imagine what your escape plan is, but I would guess it is a big one.

This makes my stomach in knots but so far seven years of fire free, right? Sending you the best of thoughts and prayers.

Oh dear, what a worry! Do you have some sort of evacuation plan for all the critters?

Wow great pictures - I'll cross my fingers this is as close as the fires will make it to you. Do you have an emergency evacuation plan for the animals? Have you had to evacuate the property previously?


Thanks for the fire update. I have been reading about fires in Montana and have wondered how close they were to you. Can you cut breach lines in your pastures?

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