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July 23, 2007


What a lovely quilt! Barbara, thanks for doing such a labor of love & congrats to the winner! I would like to suggest that next year, if Barbara has it in her to make another, that there not be a max. placed on the bidding. That way the ranch can make more money! I really don't think the people that buy chances would really mind, because the money is going for such a great cause. What does everyone else think?
Hugs all around,
ginger & the 4 leggers

Cindy F. is one lucky gal! Congratulations and enjoy your quilt!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with others, Barbara. It was fun to be a part of no matter the outcome.
I hope the funds pay for Mr. Caterpillars surgery. teee...hee...heee

Wauw, Barbara is a very skilled artist, the quilt is so beautiful!
Lucky Cindy but all the best for all the animals!!

Beautiful quilt! I love to hear people doing such wonderful acts of service to raise $$$ for the animals. Baron is a doll baby!

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