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July 22, 2007


that is the cutest "I didn't do it face" I have ever seen!!!!!!!!

Oh I can remember my dog doing that when he was a puppy! He ripped out the stuffing in a pillow from our couch. The whole living room looked like it snowed.

He never got the memo either. :)

Daisy looks like "Uh there was NO memo on this!"

Now, everybody, you have it all wrong. Daisy is RE-stuffing Mr. Caterpillar after stumbling onto the shocking scene. And, being the true friend that she is, Daisy will never disclose the name of the real culprit.
Daisy: "Hey, Steve, are those treats in your hand?"
Steve: "They're your favorite, Daisy, beef-basted--just the way you like them. Just tell us who it was."
Me: "Fight it, Daisy, fight it!"
Stay tuned as Daisy tries desperately to resist Steve's strong-armed tactics and clear her good name. . .

I am so glad to know that I am not the only stuffed animal surgeon. Great pic of Daisy with cotton mouth :-) I agree that a calendar would be great; the hard part would be narrowing it down to 12 favorite pictures!

I think Mr. Caterpillar knew it was only a matter of time.

Daisy's other thought was "Cool! This is my biggest kill EVER! They'll never believe the size of this one!"

Very cute :- )

The picture of sweetness and innocence, even with the fluff still hanging from her mouth!

What a cute picture...captures Daisy perfectly in the frenzy of destroying Mr. Caterpillar. Needs to be on a calendar or something! Priceless. Reminds me of when we took in a 100lb shepherd mix stray and we gave him his first toy. I came home and the yard was covered in white stuffing. He destroyed every stuffed toy in the house, much to my other dogs dismay. Hillarious!

What a great pic to see on a lousy Monday....I laughed out loud! Especially love the stuffing still hanging from Daisys mouth! You just have to love doxies!

I love that bit of stuffing on Daisy's chin! Caught in the act! How funny! I'm amazed that the Catapiller lasted this long, & that is truly amazing! Thanks for the laughs!
ginger & the 4 leggers

"I'm not supposed to be doing this....?"

Fabulous post! I'll be smiling and chuckling about this for a long time.
I'm glad the "doc" was around to fix Mr. Caterpillar up. Isn't it interesting that Mr. C happens to be looking up at his one remaining ear...and after all he went through, he's still got a smile on his face. What a great patient!

"Rascally".....what a great word. Very descriptive. I'm going to add that to my vocabulary.
Are you sure Daisy is guilty?? I mean just because she is standing by the body with fluff hanging out of her mouth, looking about as guilty as anyone possibly could.... it could be a set up?? Oh yeah, there was a witness. Sorry Daisy you are BUSTED!!

There, Mr. Caterpillar now looks better after surgery!!!
All should be well but now Daisy needs to explain to Bailey why Mr. Caterpillar is missing an ear...maybe the memo never made it to her mailbox!!!

And Bailey was taking such good care of Mr. Caterpillar!! Sure shows who your friends really are. A REAL friend doesn't mess with another friend's love. Or was Daisy just overcome with glee 'cuz Alayne's back, and she needed an outlet!!

Great post!!! I couldn't stop laughing!! Daisy looks like she is saying, WHAT?? I'm doing anything. Glad Mr. Caterpillar is doing well. Hope he survives the week!!

If this was a name that caption picture it would be a thought balloon above Daisy's head which would read "Memo? There was a memo?!!" says the incredulous and distraught Dachshund.

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